Malted Milk Powder

For anyone interested in malted milk powder and wanting to know what I use, it’s Carnation brand. They sell both regular and chocolate, but I almost always use the regular. The malted milk powder is usually with the hot cocoa mix or the ice cream stuff. I think in some places you can only find Ovaltine malted milk powder, which is the same thing (but different than regular Ovaltine).


malted milk powder

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  1. says

    Hi Anna – that’s the same stuff I use, although I typically end up with the chocolate version more than the original! Good stuff!

  2. says

    ive never seen the chocolate version. I love this stuff, they dont sell it in canada so I get in it Michigan. I’ve introduced my neice to malts, she just loves them. Does your daughter like them?

  3. Anna says

    Joe, I’ve never used the chocolate version. Do you have a lot of recipes calling for the chocolate version?Randi, we’re more into smoothies than milkshakes. So I think we need to progress to milk shakes and then move to malts at a point when she’ll be able to distinguish the taste subtleties between milkshakes and malts.

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