Chocolate, Ginger & Wasabi Brownies

I’d been itching to put wasabi in chocolate for some time, so when I found the wasabi/chocolate/ginger Black Pearl chocolate bars at Whole Foods, I bought two. At $5.99 a bar (3.5 oz) they weren’t cheap, but I was very curious to see how they’d work in wasabi brownies. Vosges has a brownie recipe on their site, but I opted to use Nancy Baggett’s, which I’ve grown very fond of. All I did was sub 5 ounces of the wasabi/ginger chocolate for the bittersweet. For texture, I chopped up a little extra chocolate and added it at the end so that the brownies would have some chunks.

The brownies were good and would be a creative ending to a Japanese themed meal. I’m still waiting to get a report from Todd’s office. It will be interesting to see if people say “Wow! Brownies with chocolate, ginger, and wasabi! How classy and exotic!” or if they’ll just take a bite and silently wonder if I cut the brownies with a knife I’d been using to chop ginger.

wasabi brownies

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  1. says

    Those look great and I am so intrigued by the flavor combo. I love spicy sweets and all things ginger and wasabi. If nothing else, I’ll have to try Baggett’s brownie recipe.:-)

  2. says

    Hi,I love mixing chocolate with unexpected flavors. Wasabi is out there, but I think it could really work with the ginger. Nice site!

  3. Anna says

    Jen, can’t wait to hear your opinion. I have to say, these weren’t very spicy. No wasabi nose burns here.Julie, thanks for stopping by! Steph, that is Royal Worcestershire Bone China. You have a good eye. Jen, I think you’d like these based on your tastes.Amy, Todd told them what they were ahead of time so of course they liked them.

  4. Burr says

    Is it real wasabi or the green horseradish
    that is standard in the US?
    I tried some fresh real wasabi from Oregon,, recently. It has a very subtle flavor that went well with the tuna I was serving, though it might be overpowered by good chocolate.

  5. Anna says

    The wasabi was already in the chocolate, so I checked Vosges Chocolate site and it doesn’t say whether the wasabi is pure. The bars are $7.00 a piece, so it might be! Either way, the Vosges bar had a good balance.

    The only pure wasabi I’ve tasted is from Penzey’s. I love Penzey’s, but I found the pure wasabi too grassy/almost spinachy tasting. It improves as it sits, but I didn’t like it as much as the green stuff from a tube.

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