Chinese New Year Treats

Happy Chinese New Year!

Fuzz’s class is celebrating today, so I volunteered to bring something. Fortune cookies seemed like the obvious choice, but I hadn’t made them in a while and was hesitant for a number of reasons. One being, I’ve been burning myself a lot lately and fortune cookies require that you grab them while they’re hot, stuff them with fortunes and shape them before they cool down. I decided I’d just make chocolate chip.

As I pulled out the chocolate chips, I looked up on the cabinet. The kitchen god, who joined our home last week, looked kind of irritated. “Okay!” I told him, “I’ll make the children fortune cookies!”

Kitchen God

I figured would be as good a source of any, so I used this recipe. It came together perfectly and while the fortune cookies took me a while to bake (5 to a sheet, 14 minutes a sheet, need more than 20), they were simple. I was worried that my insulated cookie sheet might cause the cookies to come out a little soft, but that wasn’t the case. They didn’t brown very much, but they still looked great. Or at least I thought they did.
Hopefully they’ll stay crisp until this afternoon.

fortune cookies

I’m not sure the kids will actually eat these, but they’ll have fun cracking them open.

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  1. Therese says

    Gosh darn…how clever Anna! I absolutely LOVE the quote within the cookie on the plate….the road to riches is paved with homework!

    That kitchen god….you are very funny!!!

    It is the year of the Rat!! I will play the song “Ben”…remember that one??!!! Didn’t Michael Jackson sing that????

    Your cookies look great!

  2. Amy D. says

    Wow, I am impressed! I know my daughter’s kindergarten class would love these. You are so creative and talented.

  3. kate says

    Hi Anna,

    In the spirit of the post, I will share my favorite fortune: “What doesn’t kill you makes you funnier.”

    Happy New Year!


  4. says

    Happy New Year! These are so much fun. I’ve never made fortune cookies before.
    My mom used to make them, a long time ago. She would put funny messages in them, too, but sometimes her funny messages had to do with toilet-type humor. Probably not good for kids.

  5. Shannon Kohn says

    Great idea, Anna! I bet the kids loved them!

    My hubby and I have been collecting our fortune-cookie fortunes for the last 15 years, since we both got the identical fortune in cookies on our first date (“now is the time to try something new”). I actually engraved that one into his wedding band!

    My favorite and most obscure fortune by far (I can’t make this stuff up): “when you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. Because that’s what’s inside.” 🙂

  6. Valerie says

    are you kidding? Julia (age 6) would chow these down. she loves fortune cookies. and the homework message is too cute. I am sure the others were great, too.

    I love the kitchen god. I want one!

    I knew I recognized that shannon kohn name so I went and looked — sure enough, I made and reviewed your bakeoff recipe a few days ago. yum. hope to meet you in Dallas!

  7. says

    The party was great! The Asian community is very well represented at our school and we had some good contributions from other moms. Along with a variety of interesting Chinese candies and cookies, there were homemade egg rolls and noodles. But the kids did most of the work because the room was decked out with paper lanterns and ormanments. Plus, the kids made masks and hats. I think the whole first grade learns about Chinese New Years, but Fuzz’s teacher sort of goes crazy. She even said “No homework, no reading assignments tonight!”

    The cookies were well-received. The kids took a few bites and read their fortunes. They seemed to prefer the packaged cookies. The adults loved the home-made ones.
    Sorry I’m typing in short sentences. I’m making a stir-fry right and running back and forth to the computer to answer comments. Really.

  8. says

    Hey, even if they wouldn’t eat them I would! These keep really nicely too, don’t they? I’ll bet the homemade ones taste great.

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