Rosie’s Bakery Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

From the time I got a car and could drive myself there, I was a heavy library user. I’d check out loads and loads of books and was able to account for each one. This ended when I became pregnant and the smell of library books made me sick. After the baby came, I made my way back to the library, but my ability to keep track of the books had diminished and since late fees trigger guilt, I just stopped going and found it was kind of luxurious not have to worry about returning library books. The expense of buying a book was pretty much an opportunity cost, even though I was making Laura Bush sad.

Yesterday, due to my eye doctor appt (dry eye, btw), I pulled Fuzz out of school 20 minutes early. She was in the school library and hadn’t yet chosen a book, so to make up for it, I took her to the public library late that afternoon. She selected a book about fish care. I walked out with 5 cookbooks, one of which was an old favorite which I used to check and re-check — Rosie’s Bakery Cookie Book

I love this book. The recipes are great and Judy Rosenberg does an amazing job of explaining semi-complicated things. However, she does use some crazy measurements and this crunchy chocolate chip cookie recipe is case in point. Half an egg yolk?

I found the original recipe, reprinted with permission, HERE. It’s the Fresh Direct site and it might ask you for your zip code.

crunchy chocolate chip cookies

End result. Very good! Thickish, but with some crunch. My only advice is if you cook the cookies at 400 degrees, to check the cookies at 10 minutes. If you know your oven runs hot, use 375 degrees. My oven runs true (as the pros say) and my cookies were done 10 minutes at 400 F. Also ¾ cup of chocolate chips? Is that some kind of a joke? Increase them! Toasted walnuts are optional, but I added them and they were delicious.

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  1. Laurel says

    I get a strange site from your link to the recipe – it could be me, but you might check it. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! I check your site several times a day for new ones, and surf the other recipes for hours over and over again. It amazes me that you put out so many recipes!

  2. ling says

    Hi Anna, these look good! Would you mind posting the recipe within your post. I seem to have problems accessing the link that you posted. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks so much! Would love to try the recipe out.

  3. says

    I’ve been to Rosie’s bakery! I don’t use the library often enough, so maybe I’ll go…Laura needs something to cheer her up these days I’d bet:)

    Although I’m not a crunchy cookie person, these look appealing…but you’re right about the funky measurements – what is up with that??

  4. says

    Those look so perfect! I’m not a crunchy cookie fan either but those look tasty enough that I’d be convinced. A new library just opened up right next to our house so its like having a never ending cookbook collection. I love it.

  5. Therese says


    Hey girl…I keep getting a Fresh Direct when I attempt at the link for the cookie recipe?

    I love the library, but I often fail to get those books back in time myself…arggh!
    That is why I love goodwill…our local chapter has some really good books/reasonabley priced
    and it helps the community! I will have to check to see if they have this book!

  6. says

    Years and years ago( probably 15), I bought my mom Rosie’s first book. My mom loved it( I own it too), but have never made anything from it. Do you have that book?

  7. Meredith says

    I let our library lend out “Mom’s Big Book of Cookies”. And, if the borrower PROMISES to return it w/in 2 weeks, and appears to be a very honest and upright kitchen connoisseur, “The Baker’s Field Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

  8. says

    I just bought Rosie’s Cookie Cookbook on Ebay for $1.50. They had even more for immediate purchase. I enjoy collecting cookbooks. They had lots of different ones.

    Anna, do you have a bunch of the Chocolate Chip Cookie cookbooks I saw?

    I’m doing good, haven’t even opened the container with all of yesterday’s cookies in it! ; )

  9. Therese says


    Yes! I had to put in the zip code and my email to get the recipe. Thank you!!

    I am trying to get some spring cleaning done…..SOMEONE talk me out it!!

  10. amy says

    As a fellow library proponent, I wanted to mention our library sends e-mail reminders 3 days before books are due and then again the day before the books are due. Also you can renew and request books or just browse the catalog all online.

    I used to ride my bike to the library with my mom & sister, and later on my own before I had my driver’s license.

    Those cookies look yummy. We are still making our way through the Big Fat copy cats (levian bakery) which my husband proclaimed were the best cc cookies I have ever made (and I’ve made a lot)!

  11. beth says

    I think a librarian once told me that a lot of their budget for new books comes from the fees collected for overdue books. So I just tell myself that I’m helping my library grow its collection. Plus the late fees I accrue for 10 overdue books is still far less than what I would have paid for just one of those books. I heart the library.

  12. says

    Rosie’s is a Massachusetts staple. We have been there countless times over the years. It may have helped that I went to grade school with Judy’s son that encouraged us to go and continue going to the bakery. Generally the baked goods are good they have now expanded to having more lunch type things like soup in the location near me. The cookies they have are really good, you can depend on them so solve an afternoon crash with a sweet treat.

  13. says

    Julie, maybe your library has obtained more books. Having not been in a while, I was happy to find some good titles — including a Giada book, a Taste of Home Baking Book and a Martha Stewart book.

    Sharon, you are so lucky! You can take cookies to the libarians.

    Meredith, I like reading The Field Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies. I think I checked it out from a different branch library a long time ago, but never baked anything from it or went back to that branch library.

    Patricia, I felt pretty goofy halving an egg yolk.

    Katrina, I forgot to answer your question yesterday — I only have one cookbook devoted to chocolate chip cookies. Most of my cookie books have all kinds of different cookies, including ones I’d never bother making.

    Amy, I happy to hear your husband likes the Levain copy cats. Goes to show everyone has different taste in chocolate chip cookies.

    Joe, I’ve been thinking about you today and hope your eye is feeling better. You and I each need a personal doctors….you know, like Howard Hughes had. Someone on call 24/7.

    Beth, I’ve heard that about overdue fees too. My library must have a lot of responsible users because we don’t get a lot of new cookbooks often. At least the return from my leave of absence meant coming back to a few new ones.

    Hallie, your description of Rosie’s is similar to the one she gives in her book. She sounds like a neat lady and Rosie’s is definitely the type of place I’d like in my neighborhood.

    But hey — we just got a Panera! I haven’t been yet, but they built it in the parking lot of my gym.

  14. Chelsea says

    Hmm, I got the Fresh Direct link, and when I typed in my zip it said unavailable. :/
    Those look really yummy though! Hubby’s a soft cookie fan, but I love them a little crispy! 😉

  15. says

    Chelsea, I just emailed it to you.

    It’s still working for me. If problems persist, just try putting Rosie’s Bakery Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies into Google. I found it on Fresh Direct and some bulletin board where it was paraphrased. I like the Fresh Direct version because it is straight out of the book.

  16. candy says

    made them today.very delicious!!ive been searching for crunchy and my family are not a big fan of soft and chewy ccc and this recipe is perfect!!very crunchy,not too sweet,light and yummy!!thank u for going to try another recipe from this site that use shortening instead of butter.hopefully they will turn out as good as this one! :)

  17. says

    Hi Candy,

    Thanks for reminding me about this recipe. If you like buying cookies, I highly recommend any of the Rosie’s Bakery cookbooks as well. Also, if I get a chance I will email you some recommendations for good shortening-based cookies.

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