By this time tomorrow, Samantha will have a new outfit; or at least, a new pair of pants. Lizzie ran off with her old ones and Fuzz had to cut up a bandana and make Samantha a new skirt. I hope the other American Girl Dolls don’t laugh.

American Girl Doll

We’ll say hello from Chicago. If I have time, maybe I’ll post a Top 10.

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  1. says

    That’a funny! I think Samantha looks pretty cool with her new skirt, maybe Lizzie was trying speak out her sense of fashion! Have fun in Chicago with Fuzz!

  2. says

    Sabrina and I went to the American Girl store in NYC this past January. It’s so much fun for them, and it’s hard not to buy everything! Have a great trip.

    PS – Hit Garrett Popcorn shop while you’re there – I’m sure you already know how great there popcorn is!!

  3. Jennifer says

    Gah, I should should should have bought myself the Samantha Parkington I always wanted as a child when I went to American Girl Place over Christmas. I have Kirsten already, but Samantha was always my favorite. I talked myself out of it, saying “What is a twenty-year-old going to do with an American Girl doll?” and now I really regret it. >_<

  4. says

    Have a safe trip you two! It is too bad you are not coming a bit closer, then you could come over and meet Gus!

  5. Janet says

    Wishing the 3 of you a wonderful time and enjoy Chicago! I am looking forward to the photos and updates after you get back! Safe trip!

  6. says

    Oh that is so cute! Are you going to the big American Girls store? I still have my dolls somewhere.

    Please post a Top 10! I love those.

  7. Amy says

    Awe, I love American Girl!!! I have Molly and Josefina and some of their accessories. Ah, childhood… I hope you are having a good trip!

  8. Kelly says

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Chicago and I was wondering if you could give me any helpful tips? Where to stay that is right on the main strip that is reasonable? Great places to eat at? Also, sites and shops that shouldn’t be missed?
    I really appreciate any information that you can supple to me?
    Many Thanks,

  9. HeartofGlass says

    Hey, I thought Samantha had dark hair!

    My friend’s daughter is a big AG fan–and so am I even though I was thirteen, and just a tad to old to get one when they first came out–I was of the slightly earlier “My Friend Jenny” age instead.

    Have a great time in the “City of big shoulders,” big pizza, and enjoy shopping for tiny clothes!

  10. says


    How was your lunch? We made res for Frontera, switched to Topo then back to Frontera once my friend looked at the menu and couldnt find anything she wanted to order. I had the pork tamale( special) and she had the tortilla soup( from Topo) and the taquito’s( small plate). We shared the guac too. I took pics that I’ll post later. Rick was in the kitchen, I thought about going to say Hi from you, but I figured you would do that. We went on the architecture boat tour, it was fab. I’ll post pics of everything on facebook so you can see.

  11. Michelle W. in Calif. says

    Have fun! My girls are so jealous, I think the closest AG Place here would be Los Angeles? We’ll get there someday! My Emily has the “Emily” doll, and my Erin has the “Felicity” doll!

  12. Valerie says

    wow, I am more than surprised about fuzz’s American Girl doll — after all those years of just playing with animals, she has now come around to dolls! can’t believe she’s made it this long.

    hope you guys have a great time. I am sure you will. looking forward to the reports.

  13. Michelle W. in Calif. says

    Hey, you’re right, I think Samantha DOES have dark hair!!?? I know my girls have watched that movie ZILLIONS of times, could have sworn she was brunette!

  14. Anna says

    Michelle and Cookie Monster,

    We don’t have a period doll. Fuzz just named hers Samantha. She likes the name.

    I do, however, know all about the real Samantha… least now! I think I am now well versed in all things American Girl — including how to fix their heads when they fall off while while walking down State Street.

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