Gingerbread Biscotti

The biscotti/cantuccini obsession continues, and early this week I made yet another batch.  Because it seemed like an interesting departure from the usual almond flavor, I chose “gingerbread biscotti” from  Along with making the house smell good, the biscotti were satisfying on so many levels that I’ll probably test a few different recipes to find the perfect “ginger flavored biscotti.

These were good, but not perfect.  First off, I missed the nuts. Also, I wasn’t crazy about the oil. It made the biscotti easier to eat, but I sort of missed the initial suspense of “Will I break a tooth, or won’t I?” that comes with the first bite of the harder no-fat variety. Or something like that.  I used to love biscotti made with oil or butter, but I’ve grown fond of the hard type.

So this recipe was good, but I do recommend adding some salt. I added a little over ¼ teaspoon plus a ¼ teaspoon of cayenne just because it enhances the spiciness.

gingerbread biscotti

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  1. Lisa says

    I’ve tried this recipe before, but I’ll have to try it again with your addition of cayenne pepper. That might just be the kick I was looking for.

  2. says

    Thanks Joe! I’m going to have to try that one, along with one I found on My Recipes (a Sunset recipe) and a Recipezaar recipe. Neither yours nor the Recipezaar recipe contains oil. The Sunset one calls for butter. It will be fun to compare all 4.

  3. Jen says

    Anna- I don’t post comments often but when I do feel compelled it’s for good reason- the BEST gingerbread biscotti recipe in existence is from the Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar book.. I don’t know if that particular recipe is available on the internet but I’d be happy to send it to you via email if you’d like. I like them because they are spicy like gingerbread and you can control the hardness of the cookie based on the fat you use (I simply reduce the oil when I want tooth-chipping hardness) and the baking time/temperature.. But as a foundational recipe they are fantastic unmodified- firm but not rock hard, with chunks of crystallized ginger and the best flavor ever that seems to work amazingly well in biscotti. Check it out.. I’d even say, try the other recipes posted first and then try these because you’ll see how they are #1.. 🙂

  4. says

    Thanks for the new biscotti suggestions. I will add them to the list! Jen, I will search the net for the vegan recipe and if I can’t find it, I might request the recipe from you.

  5. says

    Thanks for digging up that vegan link, Lisa. I have a lot of gingerbread biscotti in my future.

    Sunset (My Recipes)

  6. Jennifer says

    I just came across your blog in my search for a great gingerbread biscotti recipe, and have to ask……Well, did you try all these recipes? If so, which was the best???? Thanks!

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