Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies

I didn’t have the energy to go to the grocery store today, but luckily I had just enough ingredients to make a small batch of Chocolate Espresso Cookies from the current issue of Every Day Food. Along with loads of chocolate, the recipe has a full tablespoon of espresso powder — and you can really taste it. These are excellent! I personally would not leave out the espresso even though the intro to the recipe tells you it’s okay. Use the full amount (and hide them from the kids).

espresso cookies

By the way, I mentioned earlier that I thought I was the only person who liked cookies set and cooled better than hot out of the oven. Well, it was nice to read a few comments from people who agreed. And this, like so many others, is a cookie that tastes even better after it’s completely set.

For the chocolate, I used Ghirardelli 58%. RECIPE HERE

Using melted chocolate chips instead of melted chocolate may give you slightly thicker cookies, but melted chocolate usually makes cookies a little softer and with a slightly more pleasing texture.  It depends upon the recipe.

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  1. says

    Well, I don’t do coffee so I can’t say about this cookie, but it does look good. I’m glad it made you feel better. Who needs Airborne, when you can have a cookie!?
    But I do want to say that though I thoroughly enjoy a fresh baked warm cookie, I like em cooled, too. I’m not picky! 😉

  2. Cindy in Tempe says

    Any thoughts on where I might find espresso powder locally? I don’t want to pay shipping for mail order.

  3. says

    Oh, yum!! I made the peanut butter cookies from your site this past weekend when I went on a picnic with my family. They were gone by the end of the picnic! I am a huge big fan of anything espresso, so I am so excited to try these cookies. Thanks so much!!!

  4. says

    yummy. i could use one of those about now. i know what you mean about cookies being set. i like them both ways i think. the levain clones, for example, were really good set, but also really good warm, too. i think they were just the best cookies i’ve ever had. i need to get my hands on the real thing!

  5. says

    Cindy, most grocery stores in my area sell it, but if you can’t find in in the regular store then try Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. You’ll use it over and over.

  6. KAnn says

    I was hoping you would take a look at the dark chocolate recipes in the latest EF, Anna…I thought of you when I read my issue. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Therese B. says


    I think you should start a NYC tour group with YOU as our guide!! After reading all of the great travel tips (thanks Andy)…well, now I really want to go!!!

    Okay..I am making these cookies! I finally ordered my expresso powder from King Arthur and have been waiting for THE recipe to use it!

    Thank you!!

  8. Great Chocolate Gifts says

    Oh wow!! this cookies sounds so so delicious. Just love the combination of dark chocolate and espresso.. mm… it really makes a difference to use high quality chocolate when we make cookies is my experience.

  9. says

    I should make these for my younger sister- she’s still in high school and has a Biology test and an English test tomorrow- she could use a study snack with the added bonus of caffeine!

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