1. Meredith says

    Funny — I was just looking at this recipe in Bakewise this a.m. and trying to decide whether to try Shirley’s version or the version in “Baked”. (I’ve checked both books out of the library). The German’s Sweet Chocolate makes me hesitate….I can never find it at my grocery store. Anxious to hear your take on these!

  2. says

    I’ll bet those are stinkin’ good, what with 7 egg (yolks), all that butter and lots of sugar, oh and the chocolate! Those brownies will probably only be in my dreams. Sigh.

  3. Rachel B says

    Try the brownies in “Baked,” Meredith, if you like really powerful chocolate! I’ve already made them three (maybe four?) times. They’re now among my five or six favorite brownie recipes ever.

    I’m curious about Corriher’s brownies since I trust her knowledge of chemistry, but they seem to have a lot of sugar in proportion to chocolate. I’m eager to have somebody else try the recipe first. 🙂

  4. Katy says

    Shirley is a traditional southerner and she likes her baked goods sweet. I have found her chocolate recipes too sweet in general, but texturally perfect. I would substitute some unsweetened chocolate is this recipe and guess it would make them more like the Baked brownie. Don’t change the sugar as that would alter the texture.

  5. says

    I don’t get why she used German chocolate. I would just leave it out.

    It seems like too much butter. Is a greasy brownie necessarily a better brownie?

    I sound mean! I’m not trying to sound like that. I’m just thinking.

  6. says

    Rachel, the Baked brownies were pretty good.

    Katy, I agree! I love Shirley, but some of the sweets are too sweet. For instance, the crinkle cookies.

    Emily, I don’t know. It’s a little sweeter than regular semi-sweet. I wouldn’t bother using it, though. As for the butter, it firms up when you chill the brownies. If you eat the brownies cold they won’t be greasy, but they might be at room temp. Then again, the Palmer brownies had a ton of fat and they didn’t taste greasy.

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