The Best Homemade Pretzels

I’m not good at making yeast breads, especially pretzels, but thanks to Clara at Clara Bakes, those days are over.  Inspired by her pictures and experience, I decided to follow her lead and try Alton Brown’s recipe — a recipe I figured might work since Alton includes the weight of the flour. For aspiring yeast bread makers, getting the amount of flour is important and it really helps to have the weight rather than volume which can vary dramatically when using 4 or more cups of flour.

So Alton’s dough was *perfect* and even a klutz like me could make recognizable pretzels. And the taste? Infinitely better than store-bought due partially to the pride from baking them from scratch and also to the fact they have brown skins, soft and fluffy centers and can be eaten hot from the oven. If you want to take it a step further, brush a little butter on the pretzels when they come out of the oven.

Recipe Here


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  1. Carol says

    Funny that my husband and I were just talking about making homemade pretzels today! I will probably make these this week. Right now I have bagels in the oven. Thanks Hannah!

  2. says

    Carol, the success with the pretzels makes me want to make bagels. I used to make them years ago, but haven’t in a while. Also, I’m not loyal to any particular bagel recipe so if anyone has a great one, let me know. I guess I should see if Alton Brown has one.

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