Cherry-Topped Brownie Cheesecake

If you like to enter recipe contests, keep your eye on Lucky Every so often they hold contests asking for ideas using pie filling. In fact, Gloria Herdman just won $1,000 for a recipe she named “Pot-a-Cakes”  made with cream cheese, pudding mix, blueberry pie filling, and cake mix. Lucky Leaf liked the dessert so much they sent me a few cans of pie filling so I could try it, but after re-reading the recipe and asking the family what they wanted, I ended up making Lucky Leaf’s Cherry Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake — a recipe that combines all my favorite flavors.

Cheesecake with a brownie crust

Why didn’t I put a whipped cream border on this?

It had been a while since I made cheesecake, but this one was super easy and helped me get back in the swing of cheesecake making.   It was easy.

First, you make the brownie base in a cheesecake pan.

Pour some cherry filling on top.

Cover the cherry pie filling with cheesecake mixture.


Chill, then cover with more cherry pie filling.  Perfect! A quick and easy brownie bottomed cheesecake.


Do you ever use canned pie filling? I like making toppings from scratch, but I also keep canned pie filling on hand when I need something quick or when the preferred fruit is not in season.  Now I’m the owner of a can of blueberry pie filling and apple pie filling. Any suggestions?


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  1. Camille says

    Oh my gosh, amazing. I am such a sucker for the pure sugar that is canned cherries. I can literally just eat them with a fork.

  2. Olga says

    Hi, i tried it yesterday.. haven’t tasted it yet tho.. my my sister was visiting and i decided to treat her with this beauty.. then my nephew wanted to help and i let kitchen is very small.. it felt crowded witht the little one and me in it.. i poured the cheesecake on top of the brownie and cherry.. only to realize i hadnt put eggs on it….i freaked out.. cried a little.. my lovely sister came and and put took the batter back in to the bowl..with cherries of course.. swirly pink.. then.. fished the cherries out.. and i put the eggs.. i baked good only it is A PINK CHEESECAKE…. it looks pretty ..i only hope it tastes good.

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