Bourbon Desserts for Kentucky Derby Day

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, here’s a round-up of recipes containing bourbon. One of these days I’ll add the famous pie to the list of bourbon desserts, but it’s my friend Judy’s specialty and I’m waiting for her to share her recipe. For now, here are some of my other favorite ways to add bourbon to dessert.

First up is Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream which would certainly go well with any pie.

bourbon Ice cream

Of if you’d prefer cake, serve the Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream with this  Brown Sugar and Bourbon Pound Cake.

Brown Sugar Bourbon Pound Cake

Or go with chocolate and make Maida Heatter’s 86-Proof Chocolate Cake.

86 Proof Cake

Bourbon Whiskey Fudge Brownies are always good.  I haven’t made these in a while and would make them again today if I didn’t have so much Cola Cake around.  Hmmm, I wonder how Cola Cake would taste with bourbon instead of Coke?

bourbon fudge brownies

This Bourbon Whiskey Banana Bread is good.  Very fun and simple.  Keeping with the same train of thought as above, maybe bourbon would work in the Cola Banana Bread from the other day?  Hmmm. That was a really good banana bread despite the gimmicky aspect of adding cola.

Bourbon Banana Bread

A new recipe with bourbon (or whiskey) is Sweet William’s Spirited Chocolate Chip Cookies. The bourbon flavor is not incredibly intense and the cookies have a wonderful soft and chewy texture and full-on brown sugar flavor.  I’ve been eating these cookies on and off all-week, as the dough freezes very well.

Spirited Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lastly, here’s a recipe for Whiskey-Soaked Dark Chocolate Cake from the New York Times. This one is delicious and slightly richer than the other cakes I posted.

Chocolate Bourbon Cake

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  1. stephanie says

    Bourbon Coca-Cola cake sounds brilliant! Or add bourbon soaked cherries… (Or rum!)

  2. says

    Anna, when I saw this posted, I wanted to make everything listed, but I have been craving pie big time lately. I ended up making the Kentucky Derby chocolate Walnut pie. What a great recipe! The Bourbon Whiskey Fudge Brownies are next on my list but we need more booze for that.

  3. says

    Carol, thanks for the review! Since you liked that version (there are several!), I’ll try it too.

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