Ice Cream Desserts

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Coffee Fudge Swirl Ice Cream

by on December 17, 2012 · 4 comments


After baking dozens of cookies, I needed a change of pace and decided to try a Cafe au Lait Ice Cream recipe I found on the Folgers website. While it appeared perfectly fine as written, I modified it a bit by incorporating fudge sauce and pecans and by using an ice cream maker to speed things up. […]


Published on December 17, 2012
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This ice cream was the result of our finally finding the coveted Gingerbread Oreos. After taste testing them with the family, the goal was to chop them up and put them in something.  The ice cream was perfect! As for the limited edition Oreo flavors, you just never know where you’ll find them. I stumbled […]


Published on November 15, 2012
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Grasshopper Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

by on August 13, 2012 · 11 comments

ice cream sandwich cake

Here’s a little something I made for Todd this weekend. It’s a frozen grasshopper pie layered between two rows of ice cream sandwiches and coated in sweetened whipped cream. Unlike the last ice cream sandwich cake, this one is made in a square pan and has a little bit more filling. It’s also incredibly easy, […]


Published on August 13, 2012
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chocolate brownie chunk cheesecake ice cream

After making a full batch of the William Greenberg recipe aka New York Brownies and wondering what the heck I was going to do with them, I decided to mix them into cheesecake flavored ice cream and make a copy cat of one of Fuzz’s favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors. For the base, I adapted […]


Published on March 10, 2012
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Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks

As promised, here is the link to the Super Simple Homemade Ice Cream we made at Smucker’s. You don’t need an ice cream maker to make it and it calls for very few ingredients, so I’d say it lives up to its name! The basic recipe is for vanilla, but using the tricks I …


Published on November 5, 2011
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Baked Alaska

Hi Cookie Madness Readers! This is Katrina from Baking and Boys!  Anna is on vacation.  Many of you know she and her family went to Seattle.  They are also surprising their daughter, Emma, and going on an Alaskan cruise!  How fun! Anna and I were talking (emailing) and I offered to do a guest post […]


Published on August 8, 2011
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Fresh Mango Ice Cream

by on July 13, 2011 · 20 comments

Mango Ice Cream

I couldn’t wait to post this recipe, because it’s just the perfect summer dessert – elegant, simple, and fairly inexpensive, with only four ingredients, a couple of mangoes, sugar, cream and lemon juice. This recipe is from the (purportedly haunted!) Menger Hotel in San Antonio. In my opinion, it tastes best straight out of …


Published on July 13, 2011
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chocolate banana ice cream sandwich

A good ice cream sandwich calls for the perfect cookie. It can’t be too hard, nor should it be too cakey. It needs to be soft enough to bite into while frozen, but not so soft that it falls apart under the weight of the ice cream. In short, it was this …


Published on July 11, 2011