Dark Chocolate Truffle Brownies

I was in a brownie mood this morning and decided to try an easy one-bowl recipe off the back of a dark chocolate chip bag. For the amount of effort, the brownies paid off. They were very good — especially if you like your brownies rich, fudgy, and candy-like. In fact, they were so rich and dense that instead of cutting them into 16 pieces like the recipe said, I cut them into 64 squares and put them in mini cupcake papers. Mini muffin papers can make anything cute, eh?

Anyhow, if you have problems making fudgy brownies or your brownies always turn out a little cakey, this recipe is worth a shot. Make sure to use dark or bittersweet chocolate chips, though. I think semi-sweet might be a little too sweet.

truffle brownies

Dark Chocolate Truffle Brownies

1 2/3 cups (10 oz) dark chocolate chips**
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
3 tablespoons water
1 cup granulated sugar (7 oz)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 large eggs
1/4 cup unsifted all-purpose flour

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line an 8 inch square pan with foil and grease bottom of pan or spray with a little cooking spray.

Heat chocolate, butter and water in a large microwave-safe mixing bowl at 50% power for 2-3 minutes, stopping to stir after the first minute and at 30 second intervals thereafter. Make sure you use 50% power or the chocolate might seize.

Beat the sugar, salt and vanilla into the melted chocolate mixture with a wooden spoon. Beat in the eggs one at a time until smooth and glossy (I beat the eggs for a full minute after each addition using an electric mixer), then stir in the flour.

Spread the batter into the pan and bake 35-40 minutes. Do not overbake. the brownies will firm as they cool.

Cool completely or cool and chill. Lift from pan and cut into about 16 squares and then cut each of those squares into 4 squares to make 64 minis.

**I used extra dark chips, but bittersweet would probably work just as well. I think the brownies might be a little too sweet if made with semi-sweet.

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  1. says

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on your site! It’s looking awesome! Great job 🙂

    I’ve been craving brownies soooo badly… Looks like I’m finally going to have to fold.

  2. Patricia says

    I use a very similar recipe and agree that you need dark or bittersweet chocolate for these. I also add walnuts and find that helps temper the sweetness. But you’re right, Anna – these are about as un-cakey as a brownie can get. They are also great eaten straight from the freezer (not that I wold know anything about that!)

  3. says

    LOVE the look of your blog!! Very, very nice. I also LOVE the look of these brownies. Super cute, but that way I’d have to eat like 24 of them. 🙂

  4. janet says

    Between these and the Triple Chocolate with Nutella n Hot Cocoa Mix, I am salivating!!! I made brownies late last night…wish I had waited now…could have made these. The recipe will go in my “to make” section! Thanks….love the look of your site!!!

  5. says

    Wow, those do sound fudgy with all that chocolate. And nice crackly tops, too. My favorite brownies have very little flour like these, but only cocoa. I’ll have to try these with lots of chocolate. And yes, mini paper liners are awesome!
    Looks like everyone is loving your new look! 😉

  6. Ram says

    Ahhh…brownies! One of my favorite indulgences. Do you think it will work with a cup of walnuts or is it too much? Thanks!

  7. says

    Oooh, lovely! I bake a flourless chocolate cake with similar ingredients, but I’m guessing that the bit of flour here gives these their nice crust on top. I can’t wait to try them!

  8. says

    Must try this recipe ASAP! I love how you cut them small and put them into mini cupcake liners. Since you are are the queen of half batches — I have a question. I know this is a pretty small recipe, but do you think it would be possible to cut it in half (I can’t have a bunch of brownies lying around! ha ha). I could maybe put it in a loaf pan, which is about half the perimeter of an 8″ x 8″ pan. What do you think? Oh, and maybe reduce the baking time a bit…

  9. says

    Oh — another quick question — i only have semi-sweet chips on hand — do you think I could reduce the sugar a bit to compensate — these would be for kids, so I’m thinking it would OK that the chocolate isn’t the best quality (nice bittersweet chips from Guittard)…

  10. says

    Ram, I think walnuts would be great. I’d probably only use a half cup, though. It’s up to you.

    Melissa, it depends on the size of the loaf pan. If you use one that’s 9×5 or slightly larger, the brownies will probably be too thin. Mine were thin to begin with. If you have a smaller size loaf pan (I think they come in 8×4), then that should work. I don’t own that size, though. One thing you could do if you only have a 9×5 is mold a double layer of foil around the 9×5, stick the foil mold into the pan, then press the mold inward so that you have an 8×5(ish) or 7×5 (ish) size mold. Then fill your smaller mold with the mix using the actual pan as a boat to hold the mold.

    Semi-sweet chips would probably work if you reduced the sugar by just a tablespoon or so. I wouldn’t reduce it too much or it might change the texture, but I doubt the kids would care. Do you have any unsweetened chocolate? If you do, you could swap out an ounce of the semi-sweet for an ounce of unsweetened. Otherwise, go with the semi-sweet and the slightly reduced sugar. Let me know how it works.

  11. says

    MM Sounds good. Dark chocolate is my favorite. I think the little bites are actually kind of cute!

    I love the new layout for your blog. Looks great!

  12. says

    Initially I wasn’t entirely sold on this recipe, but after looking it over more carefully and seeing how little flour, and how much chocolate there is, I’ve changed my mind. Now I think this will probably be my next brownie recipe to make, with 1/2 cup toasted pecans added.

  13. says

    Oh yeah! I love dark, fudgey brownies. And yours look so cute in those paper muffin cups! Super idea because I think most of us would rather have a mouthful of heaven rather than an entire square. Then we don’t feel so guilty! Besides, they go farther.

  14. says

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the tips!
    I made these today for a play date and everyone loved them. I used cheap chocolate on hand — 1 oz. Baker’s unsweetened and 4 oz. Trader Joe’s semisweet chips, but the flavor of the brownies was SO rich and had such a deep chocolate flavor, you would never know it.

    I halved the recipe and it worked out fine (I do have a small 8×4 loaf pan). The brownies were pretty thick!
    I even messed up in my rush and added one egg before the sugar (duh!), and I didn’t have time to let them cool properly before I threw them in a container, because I had to run to school to get J. They seemed a little undercooked to me (I baked them for about 25 minutes and maybe because I didn’t let them cool properly?), so I baked them AGAIN for 10 minutes hours later after they were cut into squares. They were really forgiving and STILL tasted amazing and had great texture.

    One can only imagine what they’d be like with high quality chocolate and baked properly!! Thanks for posting the recipe! I’ll be making these again. 🙂

  15. says

    Melissa, thanks for letting me know how the loaf pan worked out. I have a bunch of loaf pans, but they all seem to be 9×5. The 8×4 inch size would really come in handy for halving brownie recipes. I’m surprised yours were thick. I guess a 9×5 loaf pan would have worked too. I’ll bet this same batter would also be good baked in mini muffin cups.

  16. says

    Yes, I bet they would. They are so rich in flavor — I was satisfied with only half a brownie. I was also thinking maybe of adding a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of instant espresso powder to the water which is mixed into the chocolate. What do you think? Overkill or not?

  17. says

    I made these last night. Unfortunately I only had normal sugar, which in Poland is far too coarse for baking. I decided to use it anyway. Then I baked the brownies too long. They didn’t have the great top yours do and I assumed they were a disaster. Cutting into them they looked a little cakey but sticky. But EATING THEM? They practically melt in your mouth. Truffle is the perfect name for these brownies. Quite a different texture than most brownies. VERY rich. So rich, in fact, that I couldn’t eat more than 1/4 of the pan last night (I know, I’m disgusting). Mmmm!

  18. says

    Hi Anna,
    I loved these brownies so much, I decided to make them again yesterday to take to my in-laws (they love chocolate). Unfortunately, this time I was distracted with two boys undertow I forgot to add the flour! Lol. I baked them a little longer and chilled them after cooling, and they were still great (fudgier though than the flour ones)!

    I posted the half recipe you suggested on my blog, linking back to this post as the source. Thanks again for sharing this easy, tasty brownie recipe. 🙂

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