Chocolate Muffins

It’s almost noon and I haven’t actually baked anything. I am however, obsessed with baking a batch of chocolate muffins. The problem is, it’s Friday and the other two members of my family could not care less about chocolate muffins. I had the best ever chocolate muffin in London, but neither my husband nor daughter wanted to try a bite. Up until that London muffin, the idea of chocolate muffins seemed sort of absurd. Why not just bake a cupcake? What’s the difference? The difference was that the chocolate muffin had a beautiful high top, a firm shell and a light (though not runny like Alton Brown’s chocolate muffins) inside.

Alton’s sounds good, though — but kind of a dessert muffin. I don’t need the lava right now.

Nigella’s might work, but I’m worried two tablespoons of cocoa isn’t enough. The muffins lack butter, too.

The muffin recipe I think I’ll end up making is from Diana of Diana’s Desserts. It has baking powder, loads of chocolate, and Diana’s seal of approval which means a lot. I’ll get back to you on this.

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  1. says

    Hi Anna,

    Have you tried out the Chocolate Breakfast Muffins from the KAF Baking Companion? I made them as a Wednesday Treat Day thing a few months ago and they went over quite well!

  2. says

    Joe, that book is the one KA book I don’t have. So no. I’ll take a look at that recipe. Heading over to your blog now….

  3. Liz says

    I have the solution! Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Cafe has a fabulous recipe- Chocolate Ricotta Muffins. They have ricotta cheese to give them moisture and a nice boost of protein. They also have enough chocolate chips to be tasty without being overpowering. The first time I made them, I was invited to a brunch, and brought them as a gift. They were a huge hit!

  4. Jen says

    Funny that Joe should mention the KA recipe. My original comment was going to be NOT to make those. It is the only chocolate muffin recipe I have ever tried and it was an unmitigated disaster. Biggest muffin failure to date – I’m not really sure what the heck happened.

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