Finally! Unwrapped Caramels for Baking!

It’s the greatest day ever.  I went to get the mail and guess what was there?  A letter from my friend Shirley, and in it, was a coupon for a new product called Kraft Caramel Bits.  I had to do a double-take, because at first I thought the ad was for their regular caramels….the ones you have to painstakingly unwrap.  But no, these new bits appear to be tiny balls of caramel which melt easily.

Kraft has a few recipes on their site, but I have yet to see these in stores.  I did a Google search and it appears that people are using them, so I guess they’re on the shelves of some grocery stores already.  If you spot them, let me know.

Update:  You can use this information to substitute unwrapped caramel bits for Kraft caramels.

1 cup of caramel bits is equal to about 25 Kraft caramels.  25 Kraft caramels weigh about 5.5 ounces, therefore 1 cup of unwrapped caramel bits weighs about 5.5 ounces.  If a recipe calls for 14 ounces of unwrapped caramels, you will need about 2 1/2 cups of caramel bits.

Of course if you own a kitchen scale, you wont have to worry about the math, you can just weigh out the equivalent caramel bits.

Caramel Filled Brownies

Caramel Cream Pie

Caramel Filled Pretzels

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  1. Wendy says

    I’ve seen them Austin already. I bought some at the Walmart at 620 and 183.. so there are here. I found them with the holiday baking stuff. Yummy! I can see turtle cookies already! Now I have to find time to use them =)

  2. says

    I always feel like I’m cheating on Target when I go to Wal*Mart, but I’ll check Wal*Mart. That is, if my regular H.E.B. doesn’t have them.

  3. Heather says

    Thanks for the heads up! With the holidays coming unwrapped caramels will come in very handy!

  4. Kelly says

    I have seen them at both publix and walmart in florida and georgia. Have you seen the limited edition reeses and almond joy no bake bar mixes??? I am looking forward to trying them!

  5. says

    PS – we put some pictures up when we talked about them a few days ago if you want to see what they actually look like. They are squishy and are about the size of mini chips – too bad they melt into little puddles and not keep their cute shape!

  6. says

    Joe beat me to it! I twas going to say he used them the other day in a recipe. I think I will look for them tomorrow when I go shopping.

  7. says

    Heather, I’m glad you are just hearing about these as well. I sort of feel like I’m the last one on the block to get the news ;).

    Kellie, I didn’t notice the Reese’s or Almond Joy mixes. Interesting. And now we know the caramel bits can be found at Publix.

    Emilie, I guess a bunch of people got the coupon and there was a mad rush on unwrapped caramel bits at Wal*Mart.

    Allie, keep looking. Kraft seems to sell quite a few products in Canada.

    Joe, thanks for the heads up. I am behind due to my trip. Maybe these were on grocery stores shelves and I just missed them???? Or maybe not. Sounds like Austin’s source is Wal&Mart and I haven’t been in Wal&Mart in ages. I’m going to check H.E.B. tomorrow. I’m positive that if my H.E.B. doesn’t have them, they will order some.

    Brenda, I hope you find them where you are.

    Kraft, THANK YOU!!!! And why didn’t you make this product sooner?

  8. Therese says


    Well, I only had 4 brownies….they were awesome!!!! Chocolatey and chewy around the edges.

    I will have to check for the carmels bits at Target and or Walmart. I wonder if they have them here in Wisconsin???

  9. says

    Hooray! I hate unwrapping caramels. I haven’t seen them in Rochester yet, but I sure will keep an eagle eye out for those!

  10. says

    We have them at our Super Target here in Colorado. They are in the grocery part where they put the “special stuff”. It would be where the $1 stuff is on the non grocery side. It was on an end cap. Hope you can find them!
    My daughter wants me to make 29 caramel apples for her birthday party at school! Hope those will work!

  11. says

    Well, I found them!

    I also found a whole new shopping center. This area not too far from my house which I hadn’t visited in a while has suddenly grown into this big shopping center (Southpark Meadows). Now there’s a Super Target and they had the caramel bits. Of course the problem with Target is I went in to buy caramel bits and spent $70 on “stuff”.

  12. Debbie says

    I bought them at Stater Bros in Southern California. In the produce section near (surprise) the apples. Great idea!

  13. Bug says

    I got them at my local Safeway in Portland Oregon a week ago. They were in the holiday baking section. I’ve already used them. What a relief!!

  14. Sharyn says

    Does anyone know how many caramel squares would be in one package of caramel bits? My recipe calls for 30 caramel squares and I am not sure how to compare?

  15. says

    Hi Sharyn,

    I think 3 regular caramels = 1 oz.

    To get the number of caramel bits needed in ounces, you would take 30 caramels (amount called for in recipe) and divide it by 3 (number of caramels in an ounce).

    30 caramels divided by 3 (number of caramels in an ounce) = 10 oz caramel bits needed for recipe.

    A bag of bits weighs 11 oz, so I’d just use the whole bag.

    This is a guestimation on my part. I’m actually not sure how many caramels there are in one ounce, but I’m pretty sure it’s 3.

    If it’s 4, the math would be 30/4=7.5 ounces needed for recipe which means you’d use “most” of the bag.

    I don’t think you have to be too precise with caramels.

  16. Karen says

    Fry’s is currently selling these for 62 cents a bag! I am not a caramel fan, but I couldn’t pass them up for that price.

    On the bag, it says “1 cup caramel bits = 25 Kraft caramels” so hopefully that will help with recipes and conversions.

    I’m looking for some baking recipes using these bits…something with just a hint of caramel (perhaps I’ll try placing some in the center of a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough and see what happens).

  17. Linda says

    I’ve found a recipe on line “Caramel Thumbprint” which are so good. I’ll warn you, you need to at least double the recipe – they are that good!

  18. Connie says

    These caramel bits are wonderful!!!! The recipe on the back of the package for caramel brownies are absolutly scruptious and really easy to make. Does anybody know where to find them when it’s not holiday season? Our closest Wal-Mart didn’t have them. Help???

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