Carrot Cake Cookies from Bon Appetit

Today’s recipe is from an “At the Market” feature in the May Bon Appetit. Along with some info about carrots (they’re a super food, packed with vitamin A, etc. etc.) they discuss where carrots came from, how to pick good ones, and ways to use them. There was a soup that sounded good, a recipe for pickled carrots, and this cookie. Surprise! I made the cookies first.

Carrot Cake Cookies

These cookies were good. They were puffy and cakey, though I suspect mine were a little puffier than most because I didn’t pack my brown sugar very firmly and less sugar sometimes means less spread. Aside from halving it, I followed the recipe as written then sandwiched the cream between the cookies so they’d be easier for Todd to take to work. They’re certainly easier to transport than a carrot cake. Are they as good? Hmmmm, no. But they’re tasty and a good way to get a carrot cake fix when you don’t need a whole cake.

Recipe Here

For comparison’s sake, I’d like to make a batch of these carrot cake cookies which were supposed to be a clone of the ones they sell at Disney World. It’s been a while since I’ve made them, but they were very good and different from the BA recipe in that they were cakier, puffier, and less carrot-y.

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  1. Marcia says

    Our HS boys’ lacrosse team has a whoopie pie booth at our local car show every year & this is one of the recipes I use. It’s super popular & a nice alternative to the traditional WP’s. This year I also made banana w/cream cheese filling, lemon with traditional filling, and chocolate – some stuffed with coconut filling & some with strawberry. We do love our whoopie pies here, lol!!

  2. Sheila in MD says

    I really like the Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookie recipe on Epicurious with a couple of changes…I always sub craisins for the raisins and use a regular cream cheese icing as the filling rather than the mix of cream cheese and honey. They get RAVE reviews. Wonder how they compare the ones above…one of those cookies that I have a hard time trying a different recipe for as I like these so much!

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