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A few of you know Amy from her Jewish themed cooking blog, What Jew Wanna Eat, but did you also know that she works as a demo chef at a grocery store? I shop at this store quite often, and Amy is always there cooking her heart out. Sometimes I harass her, sometimes I don’t. Obviously I did this week because here’s a photo of her in her hairnet! She’s a good sport and a nice person who dreams of putting Jewish cooking in the spotlight.  In fact, she recently entered a contest in which the prize is meeting mentors and obtaining help in growing a small business.  Amy is in the finals and very close,  so if you have two seconds (and you like Jewish cooking), vote for Amy! It’s very simple. You just go to Daily Candy, scroll down to the third row Food & Drink category, and click on the little picture of Amy.  Note:  for the vote to go through, you DO have to  vote for someone in each category, so check out the other contestants too.

What Jew Wanna Eat

After you vote, reward yourself with a batch of Bubbe’s Famous Brownies. I haven’t tried them yet because I’ve been too busy trying every other brownie on the planet, but the next brownie I make will be Bubbe’s.

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  1. says

    Just fixed the link to Bubbe’s Brownies. I’ve been having problems with WordPress this morning, but I think things are better now.

  2. Darlene says

    I voted for you Amy and will try to remember to go back and vote daily for the rest of the contest. You are so cute without your hairnet! I never really thought about Jewish cooking as a separate entity, but after glancing at your blog I realize I enjoy a lot of Jewish dishes. Mazel tov.

  3. says

    Yay thanks for voting, y’all!! You are also entered to win $250 towards Daily Candy and a designer tote bag every time you vote. Yes, Jewish cooking is kind of broad and can include anything from bagels to knishes to falafel, which makes it fun to come up with new recipes!

  4. Alton says

    I hope I voted – the check mark came on red, but the Submit Vote just sat there! Will try again tomorrow. Love the site.

  5. Gianna says

    I had the same problem at first. The vote won’t go through unless you check a vote in each category listed for it to go through.

  6. says

    Yes, they do make you vote for a person in each category. I added a note about that. Thanks for pointing that out! The nice thing is after you enter an email and hit submit, they give you the scores so you can see how well she’s doing.

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