Disney Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake

grapefruit cake

Even if you don’t know much about “Old Hollywood”, you’ve probably heard of “The Brown Derby”, a legendary restaurant famous for its celebrity clientele. An icon to Hollywood’s golden age, it was a perfect fit for Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, and the company opened up what they describe as “an authentic replica” on the…

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Bittersweet and Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

milk chocolate chip cookies

I apologize for posting another chocolate chip cookie recipe, but these Bittersweet and Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies have been getting a lot of compliments lately, and I wanted to share the recipe. It’s based on one called “Dad’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies”, which calls for 6 cups of flour and makes double the amount. I’m…

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Ancho Chile Brownies

ancho chile brownies

Today’s recipe was inspired by some Ancho Chile Brownies I brought home from The Chicago Food Swap. Made by a fellow swapper who also happens to be from Texas, the brownies were labeled “Texas State Fair Best of Show”.

Chicago Food Swap Banana Chocolate Muffins

food swap

For the past year I’ve enjoyed attending The Chicago Food Swap, and today I am happy to announce the release of the swap’s cookbook, Food Swap, Specialty Recipes for Bartering, Sharing and Giving. These Banana Chocolate Muffins are from the book, but before I get to the recipe I want to tell you a little…

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Double Chocolate Bagels

Double Chocolate Bagels

Double Chocolate Bagels are an offshoot of the Chocolate Yeast Bread recipe I made a few months back.  I wasn’t sure if turning the yeast bread into bagels would actually work, but it did.  The bagels are awesome! My goal was for the bagels to be sweet and chocolate-y, and the recipe came through. I’ve made…

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German Dark Rye Round Loaves

Dark German Rye

Last week’s Marble Rye was such a hit with my family that I took it one step further (or in this case darker) and made two loaves of German Dark Rye. Made with a combination of rye flour and bread flour along with molasses, cocoa and caraway, this bread has all the characteristics I was…

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Crispy Demerara Sugar Coconut Tea Cookies

demerara sugar

I was reaching for my usual brown sugar when I spotted what appears to be a new product from Domino — demerara sugar. Demerara sugar is a raw, washed cane sugar. It has the flavor of brown sugar, but lacks brown sugar’s moisture, so it works more like granulated sugar in baking.  

Four Roses Bourbon Scented Brownies

Four Roses

The Kentucky Derby takes place on May 6, and this year we’ll be celebrating with some Four Roses bourbon. As a wine drinker who is learning more about spirits, I’ve really come to enjoy this brand. We buy the Four Roses Single Barrel, which I like for its smoothness and flavor. Tasting notes describe it…

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Dark Morello Cherries In Pie Filling

cherry pie filling

Cherry season will be here soon enough, but if you have a jar of Dark Morello Cherries hanging out in your cabinet and want to put them to good use, here’s a basic cherry pie filling and topping.

Marble Rye Bread

Marble Rye

I like just about anything marbled — marbled cake, marbled cream cheese brownies, marbled ice cream. And my new favorite is marbled bread. This “Marble Rye” is made with a dark and light caraway flavored dough and is perfect for sandwiches or toast.

Soy Sauce Chocolate Chip Cookies


Soy sauce chocolate chip cookies may sound a little strange, but after adding a teaspoon of soy sauce to a few different chocolate chip cookie recipes, I’d say it’s worth trying at least once. I liked it. Then again, there wasn’t much not to like because the flavor was so very subtle.

Marbled Olive Oil Cake

marbled olive oil cake

Also known as Zebra Cake, Tiger Cake is a marbled olive oil cake from The Queen of Chocolate, Alice Medrich. I found the original version in Bittersweet, a book every chocolate lover should own! What’s strange is how long it took me to finally try this recipe. Maybe I was afraid of the unusual flavors at…

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Root Beer Gelato

root beer gelato

Continuing with the root beer theme, here’s another creation using root beer extract — Root Beer Gelato. I love this recipe because it reminds me of all the interesting flavors of gelato we ate at San Crispino in Rome.

Root Beer Fudge Brownies


My first batch of these fudge brownies got the stamp of approval from some security guards working a job on my street. I don’t usually hand out brownies on the street, but I liked them a lot and felt like sharing. And that was before I even got the idea to add the root beer…

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Chocolate Cake Madness!

marbled olive oil cake
Portillo's Chocolate Cake
gateu de chocolate
chocolate coconut cake
Chocolate Honey Cake
cow town chocolate cake
Mandarin Marble Loaf
chocolate layer cake
Chocolate Layer Cake
No-Egg Chocolate Cake
Marble Cake
Coca Cola
Marbled Bundt Cake
Three Layer Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Pound Cake
Earthquake Cake
Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
Marble Cake
Hershey Bar Bundt Cake
'Tato Cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cupcake
Sauerkraut Cake
Double Fudge Fancifill Cake
Marble Cake
Ding Dong Cake
mini chocolate loaf cake
Chocolate Bourbon Cake
Cherry Chocolate Cake
chocolate cranberry cake
Birthday Cake
Irish Cream Cake
Slice of Cake

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