Broiled Apple Pie

March 21, 2014
Slice of Apple Pie

Fuzz volunteered my pie making services for a school function next week, and together we have decided on apple…a really, really, good apple.

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Chewy Coconut Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

March 19, 2014
Chewy Granola Bars

I wanted to make a big, fancy two layer yellow cake today, but reality set in and I realized I wouldn’t have time to go buy cake flour and frosting ingredients. That, plus we’re still working on the pie from a few days ago (I froze pieces individually). Luckily, I did have a hodgepodge of […]

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Irish Cream Topped Chocolate Cream Pie

March 17, 2014
Chocolate Irish Cream Pie

Thanks to Pinterest, picking a St. Patrick’s Day dessert is completely overwhelming! It used to be you could Google up something cute, tasty and green and then head to the kitchen. Now there are about a gazillion different variations on Irish Cream, green colored thingies, MINT, Guinness, etc. etc. etc. I finally got tired of […]

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Small Batch Guinness Brownies

March 16, 2014
Guinness Stout Brownies

We took a little vacation over Spring Break, so I’m just now getting around to posting something for St. Patrick’s Day — Brownies made with Guinness Stout. Along with a slight flavor of beer, the brownies have a really interesting dense, chocolaty, non-greasy texture. You can really taste the chocolate, and the beer just enhances […]

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Dark Chocolate Cake Balls

March 10, 2014
Chocolate Cake Ball

As promised, here’s the recipe I’ve been using lately for chocolate cake balls. The popular way to make them is with a cake mix based cake and canned icing, but this way is just as easy, and in my opinion the cake balls taste a little better. The trick is to start with a cake […]

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Miniature Coconut Cream Pies

March 6, 2014
Miniature Coconut Cream Pie

I love making pie, but it takes our small family a long time to eat it so I usually end up freezing the slices individually. That method works fine, but I got tired of looking at all the frozen pie slices and decided to try something new — halving a pie recipe and assembling it […]

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Cakeballz at Walgreen’s

March 5, 2014

I was actually in the process of writing down my favorite scratch cake ball recipe when I got an email from “Cakeballz” saying their product was now available in Walgreen’s and asking if I’d like a sample. Well, of course I did! You have to know your competition, right? So a few days later a […]

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Chocolate Whoopie Pies

March 4, 2014
Chocolate Whoopie Pies

As popular as Whoopie Pies seem to be on the Internet, I hardly ever see them at school events or bake sales. We get a lot of cupcakes, brownies and chocolate chip cookies, but Whoopie Pies? Nope. I guess people perceive them as too much work or forget about them altogether.  I usually fall into […]

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