White Chocolate Chunk Lemon Pudding Cookies

June 21, 2014
lemon cookies

Today’s cookies resulted from an attempt to use up half a box of lemon flavored instant pudding mix. I made a half batch using the 1.7 oz of remaining pudding mix and liked the cookies so much I went to the store for more lemon pudding mix!  I can’t wait to serve these to my […]

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Thick Fudge Brownies Made In One Saucepan

June 20, 2014
Fudge Brownies

Last week I posted a recipe for brownies that are delicious, but a little on the thin side. As an experiment, I decided to try decreasing the pan size to make them thicker. It sounds simple, but sometimes changing the pan size throws off the baking time and I wasn’t sure it would work. One […]

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Caramel Frosted Cookies

June 18, 2014
Caramel Drops

These cookies were inspired by some I saw in a little coffee shop on the North Shore of Chicago. I have no idea what recipe they used, but the cookies were puffy, covered with caramel frosting, and had a drizzle of chocolate.    I created my own version yesterday morning, and the family gave them […]

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Oatella Cookies From Food and Wine

June 16, 2014
Oatella Cookies

Today’s cookies are from my favorite issue of Food & Wine Magazine, the “Best New Chefs” issue – July 2014. I’m only familiar with Paul Qui, but I enjoyed reading about the others and like to pretend I will someday eat at their restaurants. Until then, there are cookies! These were created by Dagmara Kokonas […]

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Super Red Velvet Cake With Cream Cheese Icing

June 14, 2014
Red Velvet Cake

Today’s cake was inspired by one I saw at The Eleven City Diner in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Todd and I had lunch there this week, and while we were too full to order dessert, I admired their red velvet cake from afar and made a note to bake one as soon as I got home.  […]

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Frosted Coconut Cupcakes Made With Coconut Spread

June 12, 2014
Coconut Cupcakes

In my never-ending quest to find tasty and interesting fats for baking, I bought a carton of Earth Balance Coconut Spread and used it in coconut cupcakes. Not that there’s anything healthy about these guys, but I’m trying to find alternatives to shortening and until I remember to go pick up some leaf lard at […]

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Fudge Brownies With a Shiny Top

June 10, 2014
Shiny Top Brownies

I made a batch of brownies this week and got the coveted shiny, crackly, top.

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Strawberry Bread Recipe

June 8, 2014
Strawberry Bread

It may take a backseat to banana and zucchini bread, but strawberry quick bread deserves some love!  It’s much better than it sounds.  Then again, it actually sounds kind of good — for me, it was the idea of cooked strawberries that was a turnoff.  They’re not exactly pretty.  But something happens when you combine […]

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