European Style Butter Chocolate Chip

European Style Butter

Last week I bought some Land o’ Lakes European Style Butter. I couldn’t find it in Austin, but it’s in several Chicago stores, and I’ve been testing it in various recipes. One of the first recipes was Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie from Land o’ Lakes.

Honey Vanilla Ice Cream


Pure vanilla is one of the best flavors around, but adding a little honey makes a good thing better. Case in point, this honey vanilla ice cream. Not only does the honey add a hint of flavor, it enhances the ice cream’s texture.

Favorite Molasses Cookies

molasses cookies

I made these molasses cookies for a group of friends here in Chicago and I think it’s my new favorite. The cookies are just the right level sweetness, spread into perfectly neat rounds, and are neither too thick nor too thin.

Light Crisp Sugar Cookies

crisp sugar cookie

Before I put away the leaf lard, here’s one more cookie recipe where it seems to make a difference in the texture. Not that you have to use leaf lard. I still got crisp sugar cookies with 100% European style butter as well as the original version with half butter and half shortening.

Leaf Lard Ginger Cookies

Leaf Lard

One of my first little adventures in Chicago was making a trip to Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits for some fresh leaf lard. After years of being maligned for health, social and economic reasons, there’s a movement to put leaf lard back on the table. It has less saturated fat than butter, enhances the texture…

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Chicago Public Schools Butter Cookies

Chicago Public School Butter Cookies

Our family just moved to the great city of Chicago. We love it, and we’ve been so busy! There’s always something to do here and it’s so easy to get around on foot, train or by car (if necessary). Between all the unpacking and exploring, I’ve managed to squeeze in some baking and sample some…

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Orange Poppy Seed Bread

Orange Poppy Seed Bread

I tried this orange poppy seed bread recipe because there’s a lack of orange flavored goodies on Cookie Madness, and occasionally I meet people who really like orange. A baker’s gotta be prepared, right? So I made this bread for fun and was blown away by how good it was.

Lemon Icebox Pie

Lemon Icebox Pie

If you’re on the hunt for something summer-y, refreshing and simple, search no more! This lemon icebox pie is a keeper — it’s satisfying, easy, and calls for very few ingredients and minimal equipment. The original version is from Cook’s Country, and what’s interesting about it is instead of sweetening the whipped cream topping with…

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Cut Out Ginger Cookies

ginger cookies

Yesterday we got an unintentional head start on our holiday baking. Assuming it was for round, chewy, ginger cookies, Fuzz and I began making a recipe on the back of a brown sugar bag without reading it through to the end.

Large Yellow Cupcakes

yellow cupcakes

These large yellow cupcakes are perfect when you need a cupcake that’s sweet, tight crumbed and just a tad bit larger than usual.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toffee

oatmeal chocolate chip

Back in January King Arthur Flour named this Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe as their cookie of the year. Like a lot of people, I have multiple versions of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipes, but since this one was named cookie of the year, I had to try it. To personalize the recipe a bit, I made…

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Caramel Cashew Meringue Cookies

Caramel Cashew Meringue Cookies

I love all types of meringues, but these Caramel Cashew Meringue Cookies really knocked it out of the park. Along with having the ethereally light, crispy, chewy, texture you expect from a good meringue, they have an amazing flavor combo of buttery cashews and vanilla caramel.

White Lily Butter Yellow Cupcakes

vanilla butter cupcakes

I’m trying to simplify life a bit and one small step is narrowing down my white and buttermilk cupcake recipes to just one. Ha! Kidding. I’d narrow my wardrobe to one outfit before narrowing down my cupcakes to one recipe, but if I were (theoretically, of course) to take just one vanilla cupcake recipe I…

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Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

One of my all-time favorite chocolate muffin recipes comes from King Arthur flour. I’ve been making these muffins for years, but recently discovered that KA has a new and improved version which they say rise even higher. They modified the recipe in 2012 by reducing the heat to 350 and decreasing the milk to ¾ cup….

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Chocolate Dipped Cupcakes

Dipped Cupcake

These chocolate dipped cupcakes were inspired by the chocolate dipped cones my dad used to buy me at Dairy Queen. Made with a chocolate cake base, a 7 Minute Frosting and a coating of melted chocolate mixed with coconut oil, they’re a lot of fun to prepare (if you’re in the mood for a project,…

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3D Caramel Delightfulls Chocolate Chip Cookies

caramel delightfulls

This week I baked 500 cookies for a school event. It was loads of fun, but the mini bake-a-thon has ended and our garage freezer, which until yesterday was stuffed to the brim with cookies, is now empty. This is actually a good thing since we are leaving Texas and I’m giving my freezer away…

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