Chocolate Chip Sweets Pumpkin Bread

chocolate chip sweets

Today’s recipe is from Tracey Zabar’s new book, Chocolate Chip Sweets: Celebrated Chefs Share Favorite Recipes. It’s a spicy pumpkin bread full of fall flavors and, of course, chocolate chips! But before I get back to the bread, let me say a little more about the book. I’ve been a fan of Tracey Zabar since…

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Kerrygold Butter Pound Cake

Kerrygold Butter

This “Kerrygold Butter Pound Cake” was originally supposed to be Imperial Pound Cake, a vintage pound cake made with margarine. I did indeed bake the margarine version and it was surprisingly great. Despite the tight crumbed, soft, dense, texture, I couldn’t post the margarine recipe without trying it again using butter. The butter version was…

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No Knead Roasted Apple Bread

roasted apple bread

When I found this recipe I literally stopped what I was doing and went straight to the kitchen. It’s for no knead roasted apple bread, a crusty artisan style yeast bread from King Arthur flour. It was so good!

Martha White Win a Trip to Nashville

Martha White CMA Awards

Care for a little vacation? How about a trip to Nashville to see the 49th Annual Country Music Awards? Whether you’re a country music fan or just like the idea of a getaway in early November, all it takes is two seconds to enter on the Martha White Facebook page.

Favorite Maple Recipes

Favorite Maple Recipes

The first day of autumn is September 23, and to celebrate I bought a bottle of maple syrup. It’s going to be getting a lot of use out of it over the next couple of days and I hope to have some new maple recipes soon. For now, here’s a small selection of some of…

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Roasted Walnut Oil Banana Bread

walnut oil banana bread

Just when you thought you had enough banana bread recipes, here’s a new and interesting version: a roasted walnut oil banana bread from La Tourangelle. In addition to the rich and nutty flavor of the roasted walnut oil, the banana bread calls for ground flax, a mixture of white and whole wheat flour, and maple syrup…

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Small Batch Greek Yogurt Brownies

Greek Yogurt Brownies

My daughter loves autumn and all the pumpkin spice flavors that go with it. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm for fall flavors got the best of her when she impulsively bought some pumpkin spice flavored Greek yogurt to eat for breakfast. She’s not much of a yogurt eater nor is she much of a breakfast eater, so…

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Texas Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

Last year’s winner of the Texas Co-op Power Holiday contest was called Ultimate Chocolate Pecan Pie. I must have baked that pie at least 10 times, and it was incredible! One of the things I liked best about it was the little kick of heat from the cinnamon and cayenne. Craving those flavors, I made…

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Pecan Beer Bread

beer bread

This beer bread was actually fallout from an attempt to make beer mustard. I’m still on the fence about the mustard (the family likes it), but I love the bread.  It’s made with Founder’s Porter, which is a dark rich beer with notes of coffee and chocolate that go nicely with the wheat. You can definitely…

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Product 19 Peanut Butter Cookies

Product 19

Today’s cookies were made with Product 19, a vitamin cereal with flakes of corn, oats, wheat and rice. The flakes are a bit sturdier and denser than other cereals, and the flavor is malt-y and slightly sour. And then there’s the box, which is big and red and has a giant 19 on it. Between…

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School Colors Brownies

School Colors Brownies

Today’s brownies were inspired by two things — some brownies I saw at Disney World and my daughter’s first day of school.  Wow, time sure flies.  I can’t believe Fuzz is in high school already. She was about 5 when I started this blog, which seems incredible. Things have changed a lot since then, but…

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Sweet & Spicy Baked Tortilla Chips

baked tortilla chips

This very simple recipe is the reason I buy whole wheat flour tortillas instead of regular flour tortillas.  There’s something about the flavor of the wheat, cayenne, butter and brown sugar that makes them irresistible. They are a great accompaniment to soup, salad or sandwiches and in my opinion, don’t need any sort of dip.

Chocolate Chunk Cashew Cookies

Chocolate Chunk Cashew Cookies

This is a jazzed up version of some Cook’s Illustrated chocolate chip cookies. The last time I made them I thought they were good but needed something. Turns out that “something” was Lindt dark chocolate, salted cashews and a bit of Maldon sea salt.

Not Quite David’s Cookies

David's Cookies

Years ago someone in New York sent us a box of David’s Cookies. Back then David’s Cookies were considered “gourmet” and unique because they had chocolate chunks instead of chips. They were rich, crumbly and came in a neat tin, but that’s about all I can remember. The company has changed over the years and…

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Chocolate Cake Madness!

Chocolate Layer Cake
No-Egg Chocolate Cake
Marble Cake
Coca Cola
Marbled Bundt Cake
Three Layer Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Pound Cake
Earthquake Cake
Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
Marble Cake
Hershey Bar Bundt Cake
'Tato Cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cupcake
Sauerkraut Cake
Double Fudge Fancifill Cake
Marble Cake
Ding Dong Cake
mini chocolate loaf cake
Chocolate Bourbon Cake
Cherry Chocolate Cake
chocolate cranberry cake
Birthday Cake
Irish Cream Cake
Slice of Cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Espresso Torte
Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes
Mocha Cake
Brownstone Front Cake
German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake

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