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Today’s the big day!

The contestants have hit the ground running and you can follow the action on the Bake-off blog.

My reign is coming to an end.  LOL. (sob sob sob).

Okay, I’m not really crying. 

I’m a little verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves….I’ll give you a topic.  Cookies!

(P.S. Tracy’s covering it from the contestant point of view over on her blog)

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  1. TG says

    i noted that one fourth of the recipes are pizza (like, 23-25, depending on whether you include the dessert tart thing and the “tuscan walnut squares”). that has convinced me that a pizza will win. (well, either that or the turkey/bacon/brie panini; but i digress.) is there gambling on this? have you scanned the recipes? do you have a favorite? (have you already mentioned it and i missed it?)

    look, there will never be another chicken with waffle stuffing. nothing can surpass. as far as i’m concerned, the pillsbury bake-off is dead to me

  2. says

    Debbi, I’ve been away from home this morning and haven’t checked it. However, I will have some footage later, so stay tuned! Hopefully I’ll have it before 3:00 CST.

    Melanie, yes, I believe so. But I think they open for entries every 18 months. I forget.

    TG, there are some really creative entries this year and since nothing makes it without actually tasting good, I really have no idea who will win. I had a few picked, then changed my mind, then changed it all again.

    What it all comes down to is how well people do on the actual Bake-Off floor. All recipes go in with an equal shot (so I’ve been told) and the contestants have to send the most perfect version back to the judges.

  3. judi0044 says

    Oh my – you must be the Anna G. that won. I remember that contest. No wonder you’re such a great baker with such a wonderful website. You can tell I’ve just discovered all the great food blogs.

  4. btnewman says

    I just found your blog yesterday and thought, a fellow Texan who loves cookies, how wonderful. Then you said “talk amongst yourselves” and I cracked up! Thanks for the laugh, can’t wait to read more yummy recipes on here.

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