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    Just last night I made my first peanut butter cookie recipe with cinnamon in it. Everyone loved them. I had never seen a recipe with those combinations before, and now everyday for the last week I see a new one.

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    Hallie, there’s a cookie on this blog rolled in peanuts and butterscotch chips, but not peanuts and cinnamon. I agree. Clever combination! I hope to make these cookies today, but I have to get cleaned up for guests.

    Nicole, I just sat here in and hit Control-R on DiShaun’s blog. His coverage was fantastic and I like his writing style. Also, I agree with you about how great it is being able to chat with fellow bakers. It’s what motivated me to keep entering contests. I think blogging has curtailed my contesting somewhat because I can now chat with people via email and on-line.

    It’s hard out there for a bake-aholic 😉

    We need support groups.

  3. TG says

    ok so – this cookie won? you’re saying this cookie won. that must be a hell of a cookie. have you tried it yet? it has cinnamon. a cookie. never woulda guessed. i wonder who the judges were; do they say? i saw a guy won one category. and a lady from lancaster TX got the people’s choice.

    a cookie. hnh

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    TG, I’m going to try it today. The housekeepers are coming this morning, so I’ll make it this afternoon when they’re done.

    The recipe is so easy and convenient I can make it without messing up the kitchen (as usual) and since visitors are coming, it’s perfect.

    Peanut Butter plus Cinnamon — Clever combo.

    Pillsbury Refrigerated Dough — It’s pretty good stuff. I have to admit, I haven’t baked with it lately, but Average Jane Crafter (Rachel) made me some two ingredient peanut butter kiss cookies a few weeks ago and the dough tasted very similar to homemade. I believe she used Pillsbury. Not sure, but I remember being surprised at how good it was….perhaps better than in the past. I’ll have to buy some today and find out.

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    Wow! This seems like a fairly simple cookie … it must be really delicious! 🙂 It was nice to see that a fellow Marylander won the competition!

  6. Erin Mylroie says

    These cookies remind me so much of your IGA recipe, which I absolutely loved. It’s the cookie version of your lava cakes right down to the cinnamon sugar sprinkles. You can be proud that you’ve had at least TWO million dollar ideas! Erin

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    Fun that a cookie won the competition. I’m planning to try this one. Gotta love peanut butter! That banana toffee brownie looks pretty good, too!

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    How weird. I made a crunchy pb cookie from scratch( CI) and posted it on my blog a few days ago. It even used Jif. You should try those Anna, they were really good.

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    I was in Kroger yesterday( in MI) and they didnt have pb dough. I noticed the price of the other flavors was 3.29. I used to get it for 2.50. Prices are really going up!!

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