Trash Bin

Today’s recipe didn’t work out very well and I am completely bummed because it was easy, tasted great and was both vegan and wheat free. The problem was, the bars didn’t hold together very well and I just don’t feel good about posting the recipe until I can play with it a bit.

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  1. says

    I hate when that happens Anna. You can allways do what I do sometimes when I do bars that I don’t like, just chop them all up (or crumble them) and add them to your favourite raw cookie doudgh. Voilá cookies!

  2. Sue says

    One of my friends made the best ice cream topping ever out of a failed batch of baked goods. She spread whatever it was onto cookie sheets and baked it very low until it dried and was crunchy. Yummy ice cream topping! I wish I knew which recipe it was!

  3. jancd says

    I’ve been baking cookies all morning for a family reunion we are attending this afternoon. My friend called while I was up to by eyeballs in cookie dough and said,”I would have just stopped by Randall’s and picked up some cookies.” I told her I could not take bought cookies to a reunion. Can you imagine?

  4. says

    I had a trash bin cookie recipe today too! I was so disappointed because I had high hopes for these cookies and for snacking on the dough. I blogged about it, so if you get bored you should read and maybe you will have some insight as to why these cookies were so, so bad.

  5. Michelle says

    I think you should have a “Trash Bin” or “Totally Failed” category to put these into. You could even take a picture of the failures. I know I’ve had my share! I always feel like I just wasted so much time & money when that happens.

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