Chicago Day 2 (Still!)

It’s almost midnight and I have to type this quickly because I paid for one day’s worth of wireless and my connection is going to run out in a few minutes.  We’re changing hotels tomorrow, so there was no sense buying two. 


So to pick up from this morning, Fuzz requested a quick swim in the hotel pool before heading out to the Art Institute.  The hotel pool, which is on the 30th floor, has walls of windows with views of the lake and the insides of people in the neighboring building’s apartments.  It’s quite nice, and I enjoyed taking in the scene and watching Fuzz swim in the pool – so much so that I was suddenly in the mood for fish rather than art, so I told Fuzz we were going to go to The Shedd Aquarium.


We got dressed and tried to catch a bus to The Shedd, but after 18 minutes of waiting, we gave up and signaled for a cab.  The cab ride plus admission to the aquarium was pretty steep, but I kept telling myself it was worth it because dolphin shows and beluga whales aren’t something we see every day.  Oh, and sea horses.  They’re pretty cool too, but I can take only so much looking at fish, so after about 2 hours, we walked out the door and bought tickets for a water taxi to Navy Pier.  That turned out to be a good idea.  Total cost for two was $10 and the ride was sunny, splashy, fast and fun.  Plus, there were Navy Jets practicing maneuvers in the air above is.  Again, not a situation we find ourselves in very often. 


The boat taxi arrived at Navy Pier, which is a place I can only take in small doses.  I don’t dislike it and I always feel a need to go there when I come to Chicago, but I usually walk the length of the pier, re-affirm there’s nothing there for me, and leave.  And that’s exactly what Fuzz and I did today.  It would have been different had she not already been to The Children’s Museum, as that is a grade A attraction, but she’d done that and we were tired and hungry so we headed to Fox & Obel’s for a relaxing lunch.


 Fox & Obel’s was bustling with a mix of locals, tourists and business people.  It was busy, but the employees were very friendly and courteous.  We ordered a hummus platter & a tuna sandwich then parked ourselves at a table by the window and waited for the staff to bring us our lunch.  The food was excellent – especially the pickle because Fuzz took one bite of it and out came a wiggly tooth that had been vexing her for months.  She’d had an ongoing fear it would come off and that she’d choke on it, and now that it was out, she was so ecstatic she ran straight to the counter of Fox & Obel’s and asked for a container for the bloody tooth.  The counter people were so nice.  They gave her a salad dressing container and labeled it “Tooth Fairy”.  Fuzz held onto the tooth container for the next hour as we strolled up Michigan Avenue and window shopped our way up to Water Tower Place.


Our first stop at Water Tower was the Lindt chocolate store where we made a few purchases which needed sampling. As we sat on the mall bench eating chocolate, Fuzz lost a second tooth.  No joke — two teeth in one day!  She put it in the container with the other bloody tooth and we headed over to Lush to by some bath fizzies.

That’s all we had time for at that point because we had tickets for a 4:00 showing of The American Girl Revue.

I’m not going to tell you how good the revue was because I’m sad to say, it is closing and you won’t be able to see it in a few weeks.  What I will say is the girls who sang, danced and played the roles of American girls/dolls through history were very talented and did a great job.  I hope they all make it to Broadway and can perform in even larger theatres.  It was a special treat to watch such talented girls perform in such a small (but very nice) place.  Plus, the band that accompanied them was great.


By now it was close to dinner time and I am sad to say I didn’t do a good job planning.  Fuzz was determined to have prime rib so that narrowed our choices.  Gibson’s didn’t have a table and Bandera had an hour wait, so we ended up at a small steakhouse near our hotel.  The atmosphere was kind of nice and the service was good, but the steak was extremely disappointing.  I don’t even want to talk about it, as I’d been looking forward to good steak all day and this was a big waste of money.


Dessert was better.  We headed over to the ever reliable Ghirardelli which was as fun as usual and packed with happy ice cream eating people.  We shared a sundae, stopped to pet the carriage horses, then took a walk and headed back to the hotel for the late night swim I’d promised Fuzz.


Tomorrow should be fun.  There’s no room for us at this inn, so we are moving to The Intercontinental, which we passed by today.  It looks nice.  Plus, they have the best hotel pool in the city.  That’s a good thing, because even though are plans include North Street Beach, I’m thinking the water there may be too cold.

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  1. Debbi says

    It sounds like you guys are having a blast! I am so jealous! It’s fun to hear about your trips, thanks for taking the time to write them. Hope you have a fun day today. 🙂

  2. Amy D. says

    I love these daily trip reports. I feel like I am right there with you guys! Have another fun day today!

  3. CarrieBeth says

    Sounds like a really great time. Too bad about the steak, though. I’m surprised they didn’t usher you right in to the best table at the first couple of restaurants — don’t they know you are a celebrity?!

  4. says

    How fun, I can totally picture you there since I went to a lot of the same places.

    We had lunch at Fox and it was good( if not a tad expensive). I had the club sandwich without ham. It was a huge sandwich that I ended up taking a ton of meat off and made a sandwich the next day for breakfast. I loved the pickel too!!

    We also went into Giradhelli, but didnt buy anything, but I’ve had those sundaes in SF. Williams Sonoma is having a huge sale, I got these cute ice cream sandwich makers for 4.99, a batter dispenser and a 10lb block of Guittard(24.99).

    I missed the Lush, sad to say. I didnt know it was around there. I also walked into the Intercontinental for directions, its a nice hotel.

    Good thing you didnt stay at the Hyatt, there is no pool, but they let you use the pool at the Sheraton( kinda inconvienent).

    Have fun!!

  5. Therese B. says

    Thank you for sharing your trip! Oh gosh….you two sound like you are having a blast!
    Enjoy this time together!! It is so true… time goes by so quickly!

    I am making your delish oatmeal choc. chip cookies today!

  6. says

    I cracked up when I read she was determined to have prime rib. I don’t know why that’s so funny. I guess because most kids aren’t that sophisticated.

  7. says

    Anna – sounds like you guys are having a blast! I just returned from my first trip to Chicago a few weeks ago and I loved it. When you get home and have a few spare minutes, take a look at my flickr account at the pics I took. When my first and I were there, we saw a bunch of little girls walking around with their American Girl dolls.

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