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    they sound like such great cookies! packed full of stuff 🙂 almost like a ben & jerry’s type of cookie in the cookie world.

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    Those cookies look good! I hope someone tells her that she shouldn’t worry about their flatness. Some cookies are supposed to be that way, and some of them are the BEST!

    BTW, when I was at Barnes and Noble this afternoon I saw a new to me Pillsbury Bake Off winner book with a hard cover. On page 31 there is a feature of Anna!! Her winning recipe appears on that page too!

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    Those cookies are chocked full of goodness. I find it difficult to name recipes sometimes. I want to put the star ingredients in the title, but end up putting all the others, too.

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    LOL. Looks like I’m not the only one who makes typos in recipes.

    But I’d say there’s one egg since the instructions just say “egg”.

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    Mary, I think spoon mixing helps prevent overcreaming the batter and I do find that when I spoon mix, I get fatter cookies. You might want to put Google around and reading about “overcreaming” or just Google “creaming ingredients” for a good scientific explanation of why this happens.

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