Hi Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who logged on and/or participated in the chat. It was my first time doing that and since it moves so quickly, I’m sure I skipped over a question or name. Feel free to email me if you still have a question or need a recipe.

But really, I just want to say thanks. I would have felt weird sitting in the newsroom looking at a blank chat screen.

Also, if you are looking for a last minute Christmas cookie, someone mentioned that this recipe from Gourmet was very good. I might make a batch of dough tonight and bake up the cookies this morning.

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    Was it a blast? I haven’t caught up with all of it yet, but it looks like it was crazy! I don’t know how you kept up as well as you did. I’m sure Addie was a big help. Great job!

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    I could only stay a short while but I thought it was fun to read Anna’s responses to all of those questions being fired at her. 🙂

    Anna, I hope you get to mix these up tonight. This recipe must have been recommended either before or after I logged on. I have the Dec. 2006 Gourmet Magazine that this recipe appeared in and I was looking at it just this afternoon before the live chat! They’re pretty cookies. There are several others I’d like to make out of that issue as well.

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    Hi Anna,
    I’m sorry I missed that. I hope you do it again. One of these days, I’ll get back to checking my google reader every morning so I don’t miss fun stuff like this…

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