1. says

    I made one of Giada’s nutella cookie recipes, they were quite good, but the nutella flavor didn’t come through as much as I would have liked.

  2. says

    When we made Linzer Sables for TWD, that’s exactly what I sandwiched in between mine, in fact, they look just like the picture you linked here.
    Definitely think Nutella is best on something rather than baked in it, you just can’t taste it when it’s baked. Love Nutella though, but try not to eat it too much!
    “Say, I like it, Sam-I-am!
    And I will eat it in a car and on a train and in the rain and on a boat and with a goat…..!”

  3. mariana says

    i got a problem. i was just trying to cook the Rocky Road Fudge Brownie Muffins, from the bake sale section.
    i guess it’s got something to do with altitude(i live in a city 8,750 ft above sea level), because although the batter was ok, i left them in the oven the time you specified at the temperature you specified, and somehow, the center still seem, well… raw
    i tried one, and the flavour’s great, it’s well cooked around the edges… it’s just the middle part that still looks like raw dough
    any ideas why this might have happened??

  4. says

    Hi Mariana,

    Not sure what happened. I’m not familiar with high altitute adjustments, but it sounds like the heat was too high. I guess the adjustment would be to lower the heat 25 degrees and cook longer.

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