Cookie Report Plus Craft

Orthodontist appointment went well so I came home and baked a quick batch of the butter cookies mentioned earlier. They were okay, but a little too buttery — too much like shortbread. I think what we need for Valentine’s Day are sugar cookies. Not butter cookies.

But I still need to buy more butter and it’s definitely going to be Land o’ Lakes because I found this horrible craft you can do with the box. I can’t believe they allowed this one the Internet, can you? I’m reporting it.

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  1. carol says

    Yes I agree, but this has been going around now for about 5 years!!!

    I love your site though!! great recipes.

  2. says

    Hmmmm, I don’t know. Who is the highest authority on the Internet? At any rate, this needs to be taken care of. The next thing you know people will be posting porn on-line.

  3. Louise says

    Report it to Al Gore. He thought he invented the internet. Honestly, my mother showed me that about fifty years ago. Of course, not on the internet. 🙂

  4. says

    Great one. And I haven’t seen it before either. My grandpa had a pen with a lady on it and when you turned it upside down she went from having a swimming suit on to nude. We thought that was pretty funny. I can’t believe he never showed us the butter craft–I’m guessing he’d seen it! 😉
    Al Gore, that’s a good one.

  5. AJ says

    I had never seen that either! LOL
    Probably because we never had “name brand” butter growing up. 😉

    But my dad had the same pen that you turned upside down… heehee!

  6. Louise says

    Anna, What kind of “sugar cookie” are you thinking of for Valentine’s Day? I’ve been looking for a recipe for the sugar cookies I remember from childhood. They were big, half inch thick, slightly chewy, slightly crunchy and had a certain taste I can’t define. My latest trial was Sugar Saucers from Rebecca Rather’s “the Pastry Queen”. They looked right, but they didn’t do it. I think the next trial will be King Arthur’s “Essential Chewy Sugar Cookie”. I haven’t seen anything on your blog that looks like the cookie I’m searching for. I’ve been looking for several years and I think the closest I’ve come in taste is Torticas de Moron, a Cuban cookie. 😉

  7. Karen says

    My brother used to do that trick. He taught it to my daughter when she was about ten, which delighted her and annoyed me. There’s another trick he used to do with a matchbook from Pep Boys that’s even worse!

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