The Disney Food Blog

I met a new friend on Twitter the other day — AJ from The Disney Food Blog. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Disney Food Blog and was *very* happy to see this. If you are a Disney fan, it’s definitely worth a bookmark.

The Disney Food Blog

Also, if you happen to be traveling to Disney between June 23 and August 28, you need to know about the Wishes Dessert Party.

Not that anyone asked, but my favorite restaurant is California Grill followed closely by the Japanese hibachi place in Epcot. Someday we’re going to try Victoria & Albert’s, but we’ve been saying that for the past 10 years.

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  1. Gina says

    Ok, I realize now that the coincidence is less weird because I mentioned Dole Whip on a previous post. 😉

  2. beth says

    Hey Anna,

    We’re huge Disney fans and will soon be celebrating our 15th Anniversary and our son’s birthday in The World. I didn’t know about the food blog. Can’t wait to check it out!! I love to have a glass of wine and the cheese plate at the California Grill. It tastes even better at sunset! This trip we’ll be making our first visit to V&A’s. We’re also going to be dining at Chef’s de France at the request of our kids who really want to “dine” with Remy. Speaking of which…. I know it’s doubtful but, have you ever tried Thomas Keller’s recipe for Chocolate Bouchons in the Ratatouille Cookbook? I’ve been meaning to try them and would love to hear a review.

  3. says

    Janice, thanks for the new Disney link. I bookmark everything Disney.

    Beth, Happy Anniversary. If you get a chance, I’d love to hear about your V&A meal. Someday we’re going to just make a reservation and go. I’ve never been to Chefs de France either, but now that I’ve actually eaten in Paris I’d like to try Chefs de France so I can compare.

    Thanks for the Chocolate Bouchons recommendation. No, I have not tried that. But coicidentally I am about to go pull out all the ingredients for Thomas Keller’s Chocolate Chunk cookies.

  4. Jenny says

    My husband and I go to Walt Disney World every year, and we tried Victoria and Albert’s for the first time during our last visit in November. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I had the vegetarian tasing menu and my husband had the regular tasting menu, and I have to say that we really loved every course. One of our favorite things is that they serve a different kind of bread and butter with each course to compliment the dish you are eating. Plus, we received personalized menus we could take home and the chef came out and spent some time talking with us. The service is impeccable; in fact, we felt like the diners were far outnumbered by the servers in the restaurant. The restaurant has a warm and relaxed atmosphere, so you feel very comfortable enjoying your meal over the course of a few hours. Overall, we had a terrific time eating at V&A and it is a perfect place to go for an anniversary! Enjoy!!

  5. says

    Jenny, that was a great review and it really made me want to book a reservation. Now I need to see if kids are allowed. I can understand why certain restaurants would have a “No Kids” policy, but we’ve gotten used to taking Fuzz to exceptional places and she enjoys it as much as we do. In some case,maybe more. I’m going to check V&A’s website.

    When Fuzz was very young we used a babysitter who turned out to be a retired animator. She drew Fuzz a bunch of pictures.

  6. beth says


    When we go I’ll check out the kid scene. From what I understand, kids are welcome as long as you are willing to pay the hefty adult prices for their meal. Jenny’s review has me even more excited to go. Heck, I may even spring for a hairdo at the salon before dining! By the way, I made the Bouchons. I really liked them. Kind of a cross between a brownie and a chocolate souffle. The bad news, they were too rich (3 sticks of butter) for everyone else!

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