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    That is hilarious! My kids love waffles but luckily they aren’t picky as to their brands! Thanks for the laugh.

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    I like the recipe on there under the heading “How to make a healthful alternative to Eggo waffles”. Suggests making the batter (which has yeast and cinnamon) the night before and refrigerating it for a quick meal in the morning. By the time the coffee is ready you can have fresh waffles! I know what I am making for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the cool article link.

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    That was funny! Thanks for the laugh!
    I think one of the funniest things about it is towards the end of the recipe where they say you can warm your frozen waffles up in the microwave or toaster. Can you imagine a waffle warmed up in the microwave!? Eeeewww!!!

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    Good one.

    Then when you’ve got your Eggo’s, go make Million Dollar Stuffing with them, right! Hey, I found out recently a friend of mine actually did make your stuffing recipe. She said it was good!

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    My favorite part is the end where eHow gives Tips & Warnings. “Disguise your Eggo boxes and hide them deep in your freezer so that the neighbor that has your key doesn’t “borrow” them.” It’s funnier if you actually read the whole thing first. Nice detail.

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