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As of yesterday we are homeowners again, and here’s some advice — if you have to close the day of the tax credit deadline, be prepared for anything. Yesterday was not the day you’d want to work at a title company, so I feel for all the closers (and realtors) out there. But things worked out and we have keys and a new start. Lizzie will be happy in the large yard, Todd has a workshop, and I have a bigger kitchen. See that island in the middle? That’s Mr. stand mixer’s new home. He’s gone from the back of the bottom of my pantry to front and center.  The house came with KA appliances, so he’s in good company.  I hope that oven is ready for a workout.

Kitchen Ideas

P.S. This kitchen still needs a coat of paint, so maybe I’ll post an “after” picture.

P.P.S. Does anybody have a recommendation for washers and dryers?


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  1. says

    I just posted pictures of our new kitchen last night, too!
    Love the triangle shaped island and the nice new appliances. Ours came with 10 year old appliances. We’re going to have to get a new cooktop. And we need a fridge to match. Soon!
    So is it ready for you to move in NOW? Awesome! Can’t wait to start seeing whatcha got coming out of that kitchen!

  2. Pam says

    We love our Asko washer and dryer. We’ve had them for about 6 years with no problems. And they do a great job.

  3. says

    I’m SOOOOO (not enough “O”‘s) jealous! Love your kitchen!
    Congratulations on the new house.
    I’ve heard the Bosch washer/dryers are awesome. Expensive, but supposedly long lasting, well built machines.

  4. says

    Pam, thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never heard of that brand, but I’ll do some research on it today. Right now I have my eye on the Maytag Bravos, but lots of people say it really twists up the clothes. LG has a pretty sleek looking front loader, but it’s new and I can’t find any reviews. I’ll read about the Asko. I guess we’d have to order it on-line since I haven’t seen it in stores.

    Katrina, shopping for a refrigerator is fun. We went with the KA type with a freezer on the bottom. I don’t have any advice on cooktops.

    Mary, I’ve read good things about Bosch too. We’ve been going to retail stores and looking at washers, but we should probably expand our search to the Internet so we can order any brand.

  5. Cheryl says

    We have Bosch and got them at Sears. I do like them and they are very quiet when compared to others. That makes a difference in some homes. Check out sites that compare noise levels. These also conserve water–important everywhere now a days.
    I believe Bosch is a German brand.

    Let’s see your kitchen when you have everything moved in and on the counters. Isn’t a new kitchen fun!

  6. Donna says

    I have a KA washer dryer that I bought 18 years ago and have NEVER had any problems with. Ya can’t go wrong with KA, IMO!

  7. Shannon says

    Beautiful kitchen! I love the dark wood cabinets. I bet those two ovens will come in very handy especially when you do side by side comparisons of recipes.

  8. Sara says

    We purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer 2 years ago and LOVE it. Top loading but still a huge water saver. Good luck!

  9. says

    The kitchen is gorgeous! Congratulations! When will you be moving in?
    I bought a Maytag Neptune front loader washer dryer set five years ago and have been very happy with the decision. With a smaller family I didn’t need the bigger model that washes 25 pairs of jeans. :-)Even these are a little bigger than we need, but they’re great and I’d buy them again. Hopefully not any time soon though!

  10. Michelle says

    Anna, the kitchen is beautiful, love that island. I wish you lots of happy baking in your new home!

    I really like my Samsung dryer, which replaced my old Maytag. Now I am secretly hoping for my old washer to break down so I can replace it with a Samsung. The dryer works so well, towels come out fluffy and there seems to be less shrinkage, even on kids clothes. Good luck!


  11. Pam says

    The Asko line of appliances are made in Sweden. My husband the engineer was particularly impressed by the way they are made. We also have an Asko dishwasher that we bought after having to replace the motor in our GE dishwasher twice in 3 years. You will find Asko appliances in stores that sell higher-end appliances and they are in the same cost range as Bosch.

    I have heard really negative things about Samsung and LG appliances (mostly refrigerators), so I would steer clear of them. Internet reviews are a great source of information, too!

  12. Brenda says

    I too love your new kitchen — we are going to renovate ours probably next summer. Right now I am searching for a new washer and dryer to replace ours. Current frontrunner is Samsung, as per the Consumer Reports reviews and my sister has purchased hers (I used them last month and loved them)!

  13. Rina says

    Congrats Anna! I love the double ovens and am glad that Mr. Stand Mixer has found a new home.

  14. MaryEllen says

    Fabulous kitchen! I love my LG front loader … it’s a couple of years old, but does a great job and I find it does not have the “odor” problem some of my friends with front loaders seem to experience … my dryer is a Sears Kenmore with alot of life after 10+ years … it only recently started to squeak when it runs. Otherwise, it’s been a workhorse. Lots of happiness (and cookies) in your new kitchen and home.

  15. says

    wow!!! congrats on your new home! that kitchen is TO DIE FOR. and that island?! be still my baker’s heart! what a huge workspace. so awesome.

  16. shara says

    We have the whirlpool duet (he washer and dryer) – they’ve been great and are 5 years old now.

  17. Louise says

    We want movies of you baking in your new kitchen. 🙂 I have Bosch 500 series front-loader washer & dryer and love them. I have them on the high stands and can store the vacuum in one and cleaning products in the other. They’re very quiet and do everything well. They were made in North Carolina. We also have a Bosch dishwasher which we also love.

  18. says

    We actually already found the fridge we want, it’s just not at the top of the list of “needs”, since the one we have works. The cook top actually has some issues and will need to be first. The fridge we want actually looks very similar to yours in the photo. Depends on what it looks like inside, but it’s side by side fridge with freezer on the bottom.
    Fun times!

  19. Betty says

    We recently bought a washer/dryer pair. Frigidaire front loaders-they work great and the washer spins so fast that when it empties water we barely need the dryer.
    As to the odor problem, our dealer told us to either keep the washer door slightly ajar or wipe out the water from the sealing gasket and we won’t have any problems with musty odors

  20. Katy Glass says

    Gorgeous kitchen. We have new LG steamwasher/dryer that are outstanding. Clothes are impeccably clean, machines are water efficient, quiet, fast for front loaders. Keep the doors ajar in any front loaders to avoid mildew.

  21. Cecily T says

    Lovely new kitchen!

    I have an older Maytag Neptune set. I love the dryer, but the washer has nasty mold in it. Sorry, but leaving the door open and wiping the gasket is not supposed to be part of the laundry routine. Engineers have obviously been able to fix it in some models; they need to figure it out. I’ve heard that Maytag continues to have problems. I’ll be looking into a Bosch or maybe the Asko that someone mentioned.

    So I thought our cheap stove (that came with the house) was dying a day or two ago; now it seems fine, but it appears our fridge might be going! Ahh!

  22. says

    Anna – we just bought (4 weeks ago now) one of the newer sets from Samsung (WF330ANB/XAA for the washer and DV330AEB/XAA for the dryer). They have been wonderful to work with and the installers had nothing but good things to say about them.

  23. says

    Gorgeous kitchen… a great place for baking and cooking. Hope all of your moving in goes smoothly. Congratulations on your new home!

  24. Josie says

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’re happy to be ‘home’ once again! *smile*

  25. says

    I would highly recommend Fisher-Paychel (sp?). They are based in New Zeland but are found all over. I’m pretty sure Lowe’s carries them. My parents have them and the washer is FANTASTIC! So quiet and really gets the water out so well that you can run the dryer for only 20 minutes and they are dry. It uses a magnet system to rotate the washer which uses less energy (thus lower electric bills) and is more efficient.

    AWESOME kitchen by the way!

  26. Louise says

    Our Bosch washer really takes the water out too as it spins at 1100 rpm so the dryer cycle, the expensive part of the laundry process, runs a very short time. It is very water efficient, but the regular wash cycle is fairly long. It doesn’t bother me as I’m always doing other things while the laundry runs, but I know from some of the ads I see that other washers claim to run faster.

  27. says

    What a beautiful kitchen!!! I am sure that thr the rest of the house is the same. I can only imagine what will come out.

    Whichever brand of washer and dryer you get be sure that they are front loading and HE. We just got a pair of Kenmore. Oh yes, get the stands so you don’t have to bend.

  28. bernadettebear says

    We got the Cabrio washer/dryer on the recommendation of friends and are happy with them – top loader/no agitator. Had front loader Sears previously and liked them too. With less ordinary brands we heard that the problems were usually that the installers made mistakes due to unfamiliarity that could cause things like leaks, etc.

  29. Joyce says

    We have had good luck with our Whirlpool washer and dryer, of course they are about 12 years old now.

  30. Kimmie R says

    Love the new kitchen. We purchased a set of Fisher Paykel a couple of months ago. I LOOOOOOOVE them! We have the top loading washer with the low post, and the top loading dryer. I can not say enough good things about them. The were a little on the pricey side, but so worth it. I am not a fan of front loader washers, so the Fisher Paykel offered a nice alternative. It is super energy saver, uses very little water, and clothes come out practically dry. Amazing is all I can say!

  31. Priscilla Yee says

    Anna, what a fabulous kitchen. I would love to have two ovens. Congratulations on your new home and on getting everything done in time! I always start with Consumers Reports when buying appliances, and find their information pretty reliable.

  32. Jill says

    We have LG and are very happy with the washer and dryer (2 years) When we got them we looked at Bosch and LG because they were the top rated at the time, and ended up getting LG because Home Depot had them ‘on sale’ with manf. rebates and a Home Depot rebate in a gift card.

  33. Tulsa Tina says

    Thanks for sharing your new kitchen with us. Now when I read your recipes, I’ll be able to picture you there cooking at the cute island.

  34. Rachel says

    I just got the Maytag Bravos in January and I love them. I have the 850 model for both washer and dryer. They can hold a ton of clothes – I have three boys and do a lot of laundry. The cycle are quick and it is easy to use.

  35. says

    congrats anna!
    you know me and my appliances. so when i tell you i LOVE my bosch w/d you know its for real.
    bosch is a bit more expensive, but wow, does it clean and does it save on energy. plus its stainless steel. i could go on and on. and i think there are rebates still in effect. email me if you have any questions. i HIGHLY recommend a bosch–you just can’t beat that german engineering. (same as kitchen appliances too)

  36. TxPepper says

    Hi Anna…

    I’m a little late to the game but I’ve been traveling overseas and just arrived back home and am catching up on your blog.

    We have a GE frontloader pair that we purchased in 2006 and have not had any problems. At the time, they were rated highly on Consumer Reports.

    One thing I highly recommend, if you get a front-loader set, get the pedestals. Having them really saves your back (much more ergonomic.)

    Fab kitchen! Use it in good health!

  37. hoot says

    Your kitchen is great. I can’t wait until we can enlarge and remodel mine!

    As for washers and dryers: we have a Bosch front loader. We love it. Uses less water, less soap, the clothes are really clean and look new… saves money. it is a dream.

  38. Carol says

    Your kitchen looks awesome. Regarding the energy efficient washing machines…STOP!!!! It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is a top load, front load, or what brand/company, your clothes will eventually become dingy, gray, dull, and not clean. With some people it is taking less time for this to occur. With others it seems to not be noticed for about 1-2 years. I know 6 women, all with different brands. They all have had the same problem. Some use less soap, some use more, some use fabric softener, some don’t. Some use oxi- clean, some don’t, some use hot water, some don’t. Some use non-chlorine bleach, others don’t. All with the same results – very dull, gray whites and dull colored clothes. Even jeans look dull. Check google for reviews. Use will find a lot about these machines. I’ve had a Bravo Maytag since November. Yes it has cut my loads of laundry from 21 down to 8 each week. Yes, the dryer works great, fast, etc. Cannot use anything but a low spin cycle otherwise everything is a wrinkled mess. But on low, after they are dried in the dryer, they are fine to wear…up to 16 pairs of 32-34 inch inseam jeans! I hang up all shirts, t-shirts after 5 minutes in the dryer on low, so I don’t know how they come out. Towels come out fine, as do blankets. I will keep my dryer, but I am working on getting a refund on the washer or at least having it replaced with a Maytag top load that is not energy efficient. Our clothes are disgusting looking!!!!

  39. says

    Thanks for all the reviews!

    We ended up buying the new Samsung

    After reading reviews and comments, I eliminated the top loading Maytag Bravos because too many people had complained about tangling. I love Maytag products, but had a feeling the tangling would drive me nuts. Also, I decided to get a front loader since I’d never had one before. So I narrowed my list down to front loader, steam cleaning and silver/stainless/platinum. That left me with Kenmore, LG and Samsung. Sears had a great deal on a Bosch, but it didn’t have the steam feature on the washer. Steam may not be anything special, but it’s the “new thing” and I wanted a washer that had it so I could see for myself. That left me with Kenmore, LG and Samsung. Kenmore Elite was way out of my price range, LG and Samsung were about tied in price, with Samsung being at a better discount. Feature-wise, Samsung had a little more space and didn’t require the steam canister to be filled manually. It also had a high JD Power ranking and Consumer Reports had ranked it in the Top 3 for the past few years (according to our salesman).

    So we bought the Samsung. Later, a friend told me that all these new washers with the electronic boards break in 5 years so it probably doesn’t matter much anyway. At least we got a good discount.

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