Starbucks Natural Fusions Coffee Giveaway

I take my coffee black with a side of cookies. My favorite brew is Sumatra, but I like Kona when I can get it and love a good espresso now and then. What I rarely order is flavored coffee. I used to like it, but one morning someone accidentally brewed mint coffee and I drank it with peanut butter toast. From that point on, I stopped bringing flavored coffee into the house…or at least mint. Every so often I’ll buy a cinnamon flavored coffee for the spouse, but I usually stay away from it these days because the added flavors so often overwhelm the brew. At least until now.

Starbucks Coffee

A few weeks ago Starbucks sent us samples of their new Natural Fusions, which is a blend of hand-selected Arabica beans and natural spices and botanicals. What you get is a coffee with more than a hint of flavor (you can definitely taste it) but a flavor that mingles well with the beans and doesn’t overpower — case in point, the Caramel Fusion which I’ve been drinking with just about everything. At first, I could really taste the caramel flavor. But by my third sip I was enjoying the nuances of what tasted like burnt sugar and didn’t find the blended flavors overpowering in the least. And yes, it does go well with peanut butter or chocolate or whatever the sweet of the day is. Today I’m drinking Caramel Fusion with Peanut Butter Cup Toffee Cookies. I can’t share the cookies, but I can share the coffee with one person.

If you’d like a chance at receiving a set of three new bags of Starbucks Natural Fusion Coffee, tell me what your favorite brew of coffee is and what you like to drink it with. I or my associate (Fuzz) will pick a random number and match it up with the comment. This giveaway will end tomorrow (Friday) at midnight. I’m keeping it short so your odds will be better. Good luck!

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  1. says

    Being the first commentor for a giveaway doesn’t seem like good luck, but I have to do it while I’m thinking about it. There are people in my life who would be SO THRILLED if I won!! The caramel sounds especially tasty!

  2. says

    Oh! I think I would hunt down those mini pb cups and try the caramel flavor with those. Those cookies sound wonderful!

  3. Becca says

    My favorite brew is sumatra with some hazelnut creamer in it, along with a toasted english muffin with peanutbutter and blackberry jam on it. Yum!

  4. JB says

    Haven’t tried Starbucks flavored coffee yet but my local Fresh Market has a Chocolate Cherry Kiss that I go crazy for and everyone who tries it must take some home with them.

  5. Judy says

    Starbucks Espresso Bold. I drink it black, no additions. The Starbucks flavors interest me – I haven’t seen them in the stores yet. The caramel sounds yummy.

  6. Elaine says

    I’m a breakfast blend girl, little cream and little sugar, just to start the morning off sweetly!

  7. shuntib says

    I love toffee flavored coffee, I guess because my favorite candy or topping is caramel. I just like to drink it alone, nothing, it seems like if I eat something it will take away from my coffee, don’t want that!

  8. Melissa says

    Normally I drink one of the Community Coffee un-flavored blends with breakfast, but I used to buy something at a local shop called “Angel’s Kiss” that I think was coconut, cinnamon and maybe hazelnut.

  9. Sheryl says

    Favorite blend is Starbucks Verona – reminds both my husband and myself of our trip to Italy. Can you drink coffee with gelato? yummm

  10. marjie says

    I am in love with the New guinea coffee that Costco sells…and I drink it with a shot of whipped cream! Perfect and good for you! Who knew?

  11. pumpkinpie says

    I love Lion’s chocolate macadamia Kona coffee with chocolate coconut pancakes. Yum!

  12. NanW says

    I drink a dark roast because I like a deep coffee flavor. I don’t usually like flavored coffees because the flavor is always overpowering and masks the coffee. These sound interesting and subtle. Any cookie works for me!

  13. says

    I usually stick with Folgers Black Silk prepared in my french press. But I treat myself to Starbucks outtings once weekly.

    I’d love to try the Caramel flavor in my press. I’d enjoy it with a nice piece of homemade shortbread. Yup! That would be the ticket!

  14. tayamg says

    What a great giveaway! Cookies+coffee = perfection! I think the caramel would be great with good old fashioned chocolate chip!

  15. says

    I love Caramel flavored coffees! I usually drink Dunkin Donuts coffee, but their flavored coffees are awful. My all time favorite flavored coffee is the Gevalia Vinter Spice coffee. Yummy!

  16. Rebecca says

    I love Starbucks French Roast or Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut. Black, of course, with a side of shortbread cookies or peanut butter filled pretzels.

  17. Louise says

    Ooooh. I love coffee straight up but would be happy to try these new coffees. Cinnamon Bun and certain chocolate ones are probably my favorite flavored coffees, but just good strong coffee is fine too. I generally avoid sweets with the several cups of coffee I drink each morning. Otherwise, I’d be munching all day long. 🙁

  18. CindyD says

    I like Seattle’s Best Breakfast Blend, but I have to confess (probably shouldn’t) that I grew up on instant and usually drink Maxwell House instant. I like McDonald’s hazelnut iced coffee, but other than that I don’t care for flavored coffee.

  19. Sam says

    I love Starbucks Verona coffee, especially with something sweet for an afternoon pick me up.

  20. Kizzy says

    Caramel/toffee flavored coffee for regular days and Irish cream coffee for special occasions/weekends. With almond/caramel/toffee biscotti on the side. 🙂

  21. Rebecca B says

    I love toffee-nut or hazelnut flavored coffee, and having a cup with a fresh croissant is perfection!

  22. Carolee says

    LOVE the Starbucks Komodo Dragon Blend!!
    I take it french-pressed, 10 drops of liquid Stevia & a tablespoon of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. YUM!
    Second Favorite: Godiva Raspberry Truffle, 10 drops Stevia & Chocolate Almond Milk.

  23. says

    Lion’s Coffee Chocolate Macadamia Nut, black with 1 tsp of brown or raw sugar, and any kind of thin crispy cookie (the only time I like crispy cookies!)

  24. says

    I would say French Roast for me. Unfortunately I haven’t had much coffee in a while since I am a new mother and am currently nursing. I can’t wait until I can drink coffee again with reckless abandon!

  25. krista says

    I usually buy the Guatemalan blend from Ethical Bean – which is a Canadian company. But I adore flavoured coffees.
    And I love a good square of chocolate with my coffee! Yum!

  26. says

    I am very new to the coffee-drinking world. I took baby steps into enjoying coffee, starting with very sugary lattes from Starbucks, to flavored coffee from Archer Farms, to being able to drink very bitter Thai coffee while on our vacation to Thailand. But, I would have to say that my favorite is Archer Farms S’mores flavored coffee.

  27. says

    Yum, coffee, I’m addicted. Right now I am loving a “birthday cake” brew I picked up at TJMaxx…I get most of my coffee from there, they have such a great variety. And I drink it with EVERYTHING!

  28. carolynB says

    I love my morning coffee, usually a Costa Rican roast, with my milk heated just like I had in Spain. I love to eat sweets with coffee…they just go hand and hand.

  29. Shannon says

    I prefer darker, smoother blends (not flavored). I like to mix up what I buy from week to week and usually get either Folger’s Black Silk, Don Fransisco’s Colombian, Peet’s French Roast, or Peet’s Sumatra for brewing at home (Starbucks tastes better to me when I buy a cup from a shop rather than make it at home).

    I don’t like to drink my coffee with anything though! I need to have it before breakfast because I don’t like the bitter taste of coffee with my food.

  30. Maggi says

    My favorite is Island Coconut by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. And my love for coffee cake with coffee knows no bounds… 🙂

  31. Anna says

    I love to add ground cinnamon to my coffee grounds, so that it comes out with just a hint of cinnamony taste. I just got back from Italy where I became hooked on having a Nutella croissant with my coffee. 🙂

  32. Ashley says

    I drink Starbucks’ Verona blend, but I haven’t been drinking hot coffee in this summer heat! I do love Wawa’s iced coffee, mmm!

  33. Juli says

    I don’t drink coffee, but LOVE Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream – does that count?

  34. Jen says

    I love coffee, especially on a lazy weekend morning. I try all kinds, and really like the bold kinds the most.

  35. says

    I’m a lover of all things hazelnut…mmmmm!!!! =0) I’d love to get my hands on that caramel one especially…sounds yummy!

  36. Nikki says

    I really love Old City Blend from a shop in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadephia. My husband will bring it home for me when he flies there on business. I also love the coffee at Top Pot donut shop in Seattle. When we travel we bring home coffee as our souvenir.

  37. Stephanie-Oh says

    We drink Columbia dark roast, usually with milk. My favorite side is pecan pie or cookies.

  38. Jaclyn says

    Few things can’t be improved by the addition of caramel ;). I love hazelnut as well – but caramel wins!

  39. Allison W says

    My favorite coffee flavors are either cinnamon or hazelnut. My SOs parents live in TX and their HEB has a San Antonio blend that also rocks my socks off!

    I don’t usually have food with my coffee. I am a coffee first, food later kind of gal!

  40. says

    I love caramal coffee. I like to make iced caramel frappe’s in the summer and hot caramel lattes in the cold months.

    I have also used hazelnut coffee and nutella to make a latte.

    The coffee would go to good use in my house.

  41. Niveditha says

  42. jancd says

    I prefer hazelnut coffee with a wholewheat toast spread with my newly made homemade apricot preserves. Umm, delicious.

  43. Pam says

    My coffee of choice is Caramel Fusion. Never would I pass up anything with caramel in it. Especially if it pairs up with chocolate. That’s way I choose Anna’s Turtle Brownies to munch on while gently sipping my caramel coffee!

  44. says

    I’ve been dying to try this coffee!

    I’ve been drinking a dark roast over ice and milk lately. Today I had it with banana bread and it was delicious.

  45. says

    I usually drink Nantucket Blend from Green Mountain over ice, but I usually add caramel flavor to it, so the caramel flavor sounds very intriguing. And there’s nothing like a cake donut dunked in coffee (iced or hot) for me!

  46. Laura says

    I prefer to use my coffee for baking, actually! How about chocolate ganache made with cinnamon bean-infused cream? Or mocha ice cream with a caramel swirl and chocolate covered caramel beans? 🙂

  47. Robin says

    I like Starbucks’ Morning Joe blend for breakfast with a nice chocolate chip scone.

  48. Jenn says

    Hmmm….at home it’s either Starbucks Breakfast Blend or Verona with french vanilla Coffeemate. If for some reason I’m out, I really like the Eight O’Clock Bean…go figure. But at Starbucks, it’s a quad venti skinny vanilla latte. Now, for a pairing? Biscotti. Chocolate chocolate chip, almond, pumpkin….I don’t discriminate against biscotti. I’m an equal opportunity eater 😉

  49. cindy says

    Last month I started cold brewing Starbucks House Blend. The package doesn’t say so, but I definitely taste a hint of hazelnut. I like a good muffin with my morning coffee – just put one in the fridge from the freezer the night before then microwave for 25 seconds.

  50. Cheryl says

    My favorite coffee is the Holiday Blend most places sell around Christmas.

    My current morning addiction is toast, topped with Trader Joe’s Valencia Peanut Butter, and breakfast blend coffee.

  51. Nancy says

    At home I buy oversized bags of Starbucks House Blend beans. I love coffee and really good, homemade cinnamon rolls. Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve heard really good things about their flavored coffees and have been wanting to try them.

  52. Anonymous says

    I love caramel coffee with a side of work 😛 Can barely function at work without it! But if I had to choose a snack, the coffee would HAVE to be paired with a good ol’ chocolate chip cookie!

  53. Judy says

    I definitely like iced coffees better than hot (especially in the current season). I usually go with an iced caramel or hazelnut latte. Add in a muffin and I’m good to go!

  54. meagan says

    holy smokes! pumpkin coffee (light and sweet) with a spicy molasses cookie! it’s fantastic!

  55. Alli says

    I love caramel coffee with a side of work! 😛 Can barely function at work without it! But if I had to choose a snack, I’d definitely choose a good ol’ chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

  56. Dene says

    I adore Kona – I stocked up when I was on Hawaii last November but am out now. I may have to break down and mail order some more.

  57. says

    oh i love starbuck coffee! my fav kind to have is thru the drive thru at Starbucks! LOL I take mine with my multigrain cookies when I’m being good and with a good buttery croissant when I’m being bad.

  58. Cece says

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but my husband loves Starbucks dark French roast with his oatmeal.

  59. brooke says

    I love anything dark and bold like French Roast or Sumatra. These are great with sweets! One of my
    favorites is a simple cake donut with icing. A good
    crumb cake is good too.

  60. Tricia says

    I love the dark roast San Franciso blend from Costco and enjoy drinking it first thing in the morning and sometimes in the evening 🙂

  61. Kate R says

    My favorite is mocha nut blend I love to drink it while eatting a slice of cheesecake.

  62. christine says

    This time of year i prefer an iced coffee – either a few shots of espresso over ice (milk and simple syrup!) or if I’m really prepared, some cold brewed coffee over ice.

  63. Angela says

    I love the fall when I can have pumpkin spiced lattes. I drink them nonstop! And nothing goes better with coffee than scones or biscotti!

  64. Laura E. says

    I don’t drink them anymore but I used to love spiced iced coffee drinks for dessert

  65. says

    I love any dark roast coffee…maybe french roast…but it has to be iced with a good creamer! I also love to have a heated croissant with my coffee. Great giveaway!!

  66. says

    I’m a Verona girl all the way. I know it’s ‘safe,’ but it’s been a favorite for years. Also like Cafe Estima. And I usually do coffee with those lemon pound cake slices when I’m at Starbucks… *starts salivating*

  67. Maria says

    My favorite coffee is definitely Pikes Place Roast by Starbucks. This coffee got me through night classes and early morning cram sessions this year while finishing my B.A. I love to drink it with skim milk but sometimes I will indulge and add some hazelnut cream, my favorite!

  68. katiek says

    I’ll forever be a fan of Starbuck’s house blend- Either black or with a touch of milk, nothing too fancy. Favorite thing to eat enjoy it with is either a simple piece of toast and butter or a biscotti.

  69. Jennifer says

    I love a good cup of Kona, cut with a little cream. Unfortunately, it’s not often I can have that. We drink a lot of Peets Major Dickisons Blend.

  70. Felice says

    I am currently enjoying a Coffees of Hawaii Ka’u coffee. At Starbucks I pick whatever is their darkest roast of the day. If I am at home on Oahu I will have an oatcake (they are only available on Oahu and it is a secret recipe) or, if I am luck enough to be on the Big Island, a honey bran muffin that has pineapple and macadamia nuts in it (also a secret recipe).

  71. Sarah B. says

    I love dark roast coffee, I drink it in the morning while I am thinking about what to make for breakfast!

  72. Cathy says

    We drink the Sumatra coffee sold at Cornucopia in Kirkwood, Mo. It is the best. It’s great with breakfast, no matter what you’re eating.

  73. says

    I really enjoy a blend called Ethiopia Yergacheffe, its an african coffee thats full bodied, medium acidity and has bright notes of citrus and berry! I enjoy eating a fruit danish with it! Delish!

  74. Jen says

    I can never get sick of starbucks’ cafe verrona, which has a sweeter and nutty taste! it goes so well on its own or with a scone!

  75. jacqie says

    my favorite is seattle’s best henry’s blend. it compliments any pastry & it’s named after an adorable orange cat!

  76. Maria says

    Lately the favorite around here is Dunkin’ Donuts’ original, freshly ground, accompanied by a blueberry scone with cool whip on top (a bit cheaper than clotted cream!). Does loving Dunkin’ Donuts coffee exclude me from winning some Starbucks? 🙂

  77. Helen says

    Columbian with flavored cream (yikes!) but I’m a big fan of Dunkin Donuts. International creamer used to have a coconut flavor which was fabulous but they discontinued it. Boo.

  78. Christine says

    Love HouseBlend in my favorite blue ceramic mug. I drink it straight up with my thyroid med! That gets me goin strong for the morning…the flavored coffees sound very nice. Always looking for non-caloric ways to fool my taste buds into thinking they’re getting somethin’ decadent…

    Wonderful blog

  79. jenni says

    I love Hazelnut Dunkin” Donuts coffee with hazelnut creamer and unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze. Yum!

  80. Jessica S. says

    My favorite is the Texas Pecan coffee at HEB. It smells really delicious while it is brewing and has just a subtle hint of the pecan flavor. Not sweet, just nutty.

  81. winnie says

    Sumatra is my favorite too! So different from any other coffee and goes great with anything chocolate and cake-like. Now I’m hungry.

  82. Francesca says

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker at home, but my boyfriend has, at the very least, two big cups of joe everyday.

    I do love caramel macchiattos and simple lattes. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Starbucks coffee (whatever that flavor is when you simply ask for a “Venti Coffee”)and anything hazelnut, vanilla, or caramel.

    I like my coffee with anything sweet – typically a scone!

  83. says

    I love anything vanilla, hazelnut coffee. Perfect side is a scone, one that has a bit out crust on the outside an nice and fluffy inside!

    Speaking of which, time for coffee!

    Thanks for the chance!

  84. Ashley says

    My favorite coffee is hazelnut or french vanilla. I enjoy a cup (or two) every morning with breakfast!

  85. Tierney M says

    I’d have to say either a simple breakfast blend or Hazelnut flavored coffee. I don’t often get to drink Hazelnut because my husband can’t stand flavored coffee – maybe like you, he’d like the Natural Fusions.

  86. Jessica says

    Lately, I’ve been enjoying Folgers Lively Colombia, but I would LOVE to try a vanilla or caramel or even cinnamon flavored coffee. I love to munch on a fresh baked oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookie when I drink coffee, but that doesn’t happen every day!

  87. CB says

    I love a Starbuck’s mocha, and especially like it with anything chocolate. I’m new to your blog, but I like it very much. C-

  88. Danielle Knippenberg says

    I love Hazelnut coffee, and I like to drink all by itself, or with the occasional buttered toast.

  89. Evelyn L says

    My favorite brew of coffee is probably either a Mocha or a Caramel Macchiato! Its perfect for me to have it with a slice of Red Velvet Cake or a simple cookie.

  90. Theresa says

    I love Sumatra!!! I also love Starbuck’s Dark Cherry Mocha and their Caramel Macchiato!

    I’m currently enjoying my Sumatra with a bear claw….hey, it’s Friday!!!

  91. Maria says

    Mmmm…coffee! I’m drinking some right now. My favorite brand is Green Mountain, and I like all of their flavors. Almond and amaretto are my two favorites (probably because they are so similar!!). I always have coffee with breakfast, and it is especially good with a nice strudel or kolacky. Now I’m hungry!!

  92. Robyn says

    My favorite “brew” is just about anything made from freshly-roasted beans. And I like it with a side of my daily internet news and blog crawl.

  93. Tory says

    I love coffee brewed with spicy good earth tea bag to enhance the cinnamon flavor. Yum!

  94. swimmy333 says

    peppermint flavored coffee around the holidays with any kind of cookie right out of the oven!

  95. Kristen says

    I love SBUX caramel macchiato, but for straight coffee their Verona can’t be beat. I drink coffee anytime, with anything!

  96. annie says

    Vanilla hazelnut is one of my favorites, but regular coffee is just fine with absolutely everything…like muffins, cookies or cake! Love your blog, Anna.

  97. Megan says

    I love Christmas blends. It may be the cold weather or the holiday spirit, but it is my favorite thing to pair with a hot breakfast or a Christmas cookie!

  98. Polly says

    I love Coffee…expecially the stronger blends and I will take a cinnamon chip scone on the side.

  99. Claudia says

    I love coffee with vanilla flavor – my close second is caramel flavor – sometimes I blend those too syrups too – it’s addictive – smile

  100. Ellen says

    I like espresso roast. Strong and dark. Add some sugar free vanilla creamer. Mmmmm….

  101. joan says

    In the winter I drink non-fat lattes, with a little unsweetened cocoa on top. In the summer I drink ice coffee with skim milk, but I always add a little bit of half-and-half @ the end because I love watching the cream marble through the coffee. The visual experience is almost as good as the coffee itself.

  102. cardamombraid says

    Can’t say any one coffee is a favorite over another but growing up in a swedish community, and being swedish helps. we always made coffee with eggs….The flavor is definately there but it comes out so clear that if you have a fancy cup with flowers on the bottom (my favorite was my lilac cup and saucer)…….One of my memories as a toddler was having a cup of black coffee with my MorPhar. What made it special was the box of sugar lumps on the table next to his lawn chair. My grandfather and I would sit under his sour apple tree, i’d pick a stalk of rhubarb to eat raw, and we would eat apples with salt, rhubarb and then we would finish with a contest on who could slurp the coffee soaked lumps the loudest…..

  103. Katherine says

  104. says

    I love getting the light vanilla latte at Starbucks iced, with a light touch of vanilla. So refreshing!!

  105. Colleen says

    I absolutely love a strong Italian roast with a touch of creamer. A small piece of dark chocolate brings out the flavor of the coffee perfectly. If I’m in the mood for something sweet I will enjoy my coffee with a black & white cookie… mmm, perfect!

  106. says

    I love a k-cup coffee called Glazed Chocolate Doughnut…it is yummmy and tastes best with a chocolate iced or cinnamon doughnut from a local bakery near us.

  107. cookienurse says

    I enjoy the caramel macchiata or caramel frappacinos. I know it may not be real coffee, but I like them!

  108. says

    I like coffee that has any type of French Vanilla in it and I usually like to drink my coffee by itself =)

  109. Pamela M says

    My favorite brew of coffee is Verona. I take it with some milk, and a piece of pecan pie (heavy on the pecans!) would make it scrumptious!

  110. Charlene says

    I love Starbucks white peppermint mochas – very decadent and I only indulge once in a while. I also love Kona Coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg! Thanks and have a great week-end!

  111. Stacey says

    Green Mountain Extra Bold decaf with skim and splenda at home. Anything Starbucks out!

  112. Mary Kay says

    I can’t live without my Starbucks Estima! I buy two bags of beans at a time so I never run out. I never really like flavored coffees, but I will admit to recently developing a serious crush on Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes at Starbucks. I’ve got my fingers crossed I will get to try their new flavored coffees!

  113. Katie says

    I recently started drinking coffee (in my late 20s) so I do not have a brand favorite yet. I get some locally brewed at a cafe near where I work. I like it black with a little sugar or a cookie on the side.

  114. Kathy says

    I love Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. But the absolute best coffee I’ve ever had is Douwe Egbert. I just wish I could by it for my home….

  115. Rachel says

    I love Starbuck’s Yukon coffee, and I think it would actually be lovely with chocolate chip cookies. But what wouldn’t be?

  116. Olivia says

    I love all coffee, but especially The Fresh Market’s Organic Sumatran Dark Roast. It is beyond amazing in cappuccinos!

  117. Lindsay says

    I like either Italian or Espresso Roast, Peet’s or Starbucks. I will have it brewed with a spash of milk, or as two shots with a spash of milk, in the morning as I wake up (and fall back asleep).

  118. Katy says

    I love The Fresh Market’s coffees… I think my favorite thus far is probably the Sumatran blend. But I’ll drink just about any flavor of coffee, as long as it’s brewed well… 🙂 And I like my coffee with a sesame seed bagel, or if I’m feeling anti-diet, a cinnamon powdered sugar cake donut. Or if it’s post-dinner, a dark chocolate brownie. Yum!

  119. Heather - Ghost Baker says

    I love a good Sumatra brew, particularly brewed over ice with a little milk and a dash of vanilla extract. I like my coffee with something sweet, like a square of dark chocolate. yum!

  120. says

    I haven’t had flavored grounds in years…it was just too overpowering. It’s good to know that things have improved!

    I generally go with a dark roast or Sumatra and add a bit of cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla or almond extract. Yum to any of those.

  121. Brenda says

    I’ve been drinking Starbucks House Blend lately. Before that was a Guatemalan blend or numerous other flavored blends from Boca Java.

  122. Claudia says

    At home I use HEB ‘Taste of the Hill Country’ coffee beans. Yum! The other ‘Taste of…’ flavors are good too.

  123. Megan says

    I love Folger’s Creme Brulee coffee. While in the the Netherlands I discovered these cookies called stroopwaffels. They are round cookies that the Dutch set on top of their coffee cups and the steam from the coffee warms and softens the cookies. They are by far my favorite thing to have with coffee!

  124. Rainee says

    my fav is Starbucks Shade grown Mexican, it is mellow and rich and i love it. not cheap though so i usually drink Folgers Black Silk.

  125. Ashley says

    I can’t get enough Starbucks Espresso Roast. There is nothing like starting my day with a cup of caffeinated goodness and a banana nut muffin.

  126. Debra C - FL says

    My favorite coffee resides at Einstein Bagels. The vanilla hazelnut … black with no additives is by far the best in my opinion.

  127. Jim Cook says

    Jim – California
    We enjoy the Starbucks or Seattle Mountain Sumatra, especially with Brown & Haley Almost Roca Biscotti (hard to find) but so good…

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