Bean and Rice Chips

This week has been crazy, and I haven’t had a chance to post a dessert, but I did try a really good new chip and have been meaning to tell you about it for the last few days.

bean fields

The chips are called Beanfield’s and I discovered them at the Good Food Santa Monica Fest. The owner of the company was there passing out samples and his little booth was swarming with people. The draw was that the chips were gluten free, corn free and higher in protein than regular chips. The protein is what caught my attention, so I joined the crowd and waited patiently for my sample. The chips are great! They have an interesting crispy, rough texture and the flavor is kind of like what you’d get if you dipped corn chips in bean dip then baked it all together. I liked them so much I bought two bags and carried them all the way back to Austin. Fuzz went nuts. She loved them as much or maybe more than Fritos. Actually, she’s sitting here right now watching me type this and she says she likes these BETTER. The guy passing out the samples (who thanks to the website I have now determined to be Reed Glidden) said they’re starting to have a national distribution. I hope so. If you see buy a bag, let me know what you think.

Here’s the Beanfields Snacks website.

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    No doubt I would love these. Gloria, if you find them definitely share that information. My city is dominated by one grocery store chain, and they aren’t big on opening shelf space to things like this, but I get to the metro area often enough that I can shop there for specialty things.

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    weird coincidence as i just bought some perhaps-similar black bean chips at Central Market called Beanitos, also made with black beans and rice. they had “plain” and BBQ, and there’s a spiel on the back of the bag about protein. [i confess that i never give a thought to my protein consumption.] i got them because i liked the idea of not eating corn chips but i am on the fence about whether i like these or not. yours are triangular and golden-colored? because these are black-bean-colored and round. p.s. congratulations on the emmy deal, very cool!!!

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    I just checked the ingredients and these look great! The fact that they taste so good as well makes them sound perfect. I hope they will show up at Whole Foods here in Nashville (the logical place for them).

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    Sue, I was just browsing their website and it looks like they’ve got a location finder.

    Teresa, the Emmy awards were great — much better than anticipated, even. And I’ll have to try those “Beanitos” for comparison’s sake.

    Lisa, you just never know about Whole Foods. Check the location finder when you get a chance.

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    They sound good to me.

    Do they taste savory? Just wondering if those could be crushed up as an alternative to your Frito Candy or something sweet. Are Fritos gluten-free? I know it’s corn, so it probably is. Why do some not want to eat corn, or they just can’t?

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    Hey, I remember a woman who said she was going to fly to Austin with a couple bags of Beanfields Chips. Thank you so much for posting this review on your cool site!

    Much to our delight in just 6 months Beanfields is in 17 Western States in 400 stores including many Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottages and a bunch of great Co-ops and independent Natural foods stores. Find them on our store locater at

    At Beanfields we’re doing our best to provide the highest quality alternative (non-corn) tortilla chip possible. We were thrilled when we made our first batch of only beans and rice tortilla chips that they tasted so great. What a thrill to hear from you in Austin that Beanfields chips are Fuzz approved!
    Thanks again, Reed Glidden (the guy in the booth).

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    I’ve heard about these chips, haven’t seen them in the stores here yet. I can’t wait to try them. I feel like these days you can make chips out of anything!

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    Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for something crunchy (but somewhat healthy) when I have my midday munchie-attack; I’ll keep an eye out for these at my local grocery store. And I’ll share this with my friend who follows a GF diet.

  9. Martha in KS says

    These look interesting. They’re not sold anywhere near KC, but I’m going to be in Austin next week & might pop into Sprouts to grab a bag.

  10. says

    Hi there, this is Reed’s brother and business partner Roy Glidden. I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know that currently our chips are in distribution only in the Western half of the USA. While we do not get reports of each and every store our distibutors sell to, I have heard they are in stores as far East as Arkansas. For those of you that are in the Eastern half of the USA or do not have a store near you that sell Beanfields chips yet, you can buy a mixed case of chips right from our web site and it will ship right to your front door. Just go to, click on our “where to buy” page and place your order.

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    Nothing within 100 miles of my zip code 🙁 I checked Florida where I’ll be for a while this winter….no luck…It may take a while to get up here….although WA State has many stores listed.

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