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The Hatch Chile Store

It feels strange telling you about a Hatch chile dish in February, but that’s exactly what I’m doing thanks to the people at The Hatch Chile Store, who ship these fantastic fruity and hot chiles all over the country. The Hatch chiles come in big frozen blocks and you can buy them in medium, hot […]


Published on February 24, 2014
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Hatch Chile Baked Penne

by on August 9, 2012 · 8 comments

baked hatch penne

I’m stepping out of the cookie zone to share a recipe made with a pepper that is wildly popular here during the month of August, the Hatch green chile. Named after The Hatch Valley in New Mexico, Hatch green chiles are lighter in color, slightly sweeter and skinnier than poblano peppers. During Hatch season we […]


Published on August 9, 2012
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veggie burger

Last week Sara Moulton posted a veggie burger recipe and speculated on how much time she might have saved without mise en place, a French phrase applied by chefs to the act of measuring and prepping ingredients before cooking. As someone who has to make a conscious effort to lay out ingredients and not rush, […]


Published on July 19, 2012
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Penne with Roasted Asparagus

by on March 9, 2012 · 10 comments

penne pasta

I’ll post a dessert later, but I couldn’t resist sharing this pasta recipe. It’s healthy, perfect for spring, and looks quite pretty on the plate; though I do apologize for this picture. I’m not used to taking photos of food as a I cook it (with baking it’s more leisurely paced, with cooking I have […]


Published on March 9, 2012
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rosemary chicken

Every once in a while I like to post an entrée just to prove I do eat something besides sweets, so here’s a chicken dish which you may find useful if you’re in a hurry. It’s really easy and it pairs well with red wine or white. You can give it a rosemary theme or […]


Published on December 25, 2011
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Pan Fried Glazed Tofu

by on January 20, 2011 · 18 comments


Todd doesn’t like the texture of tofu, but even he thought this was okay because I’d pressed so much water out of it to make it chewy. Apparently another trick you can do to make your tofu chewier is to freeze it and thaw it. I have a block in the freezer right now.


Published on January 20, 2011
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Chicken with Rosemary and Red Peppers

This recipe is from a McCormick ad in a food magazine — Food & Wine, I believe. It’s fairly low in fat, but you don’t notice it because of all the flavors and textures from the pancetta, rosemary and green olives. And even if you mess up the recipe by accidentally putting the bacon and the olives IN the sauce instead of sprinkling them on top (I was distracted because I was making a lemon cake at the same time), it’s still great.


Published on January 19, 2011
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Chicken with Rosemary Sauce

by on January 4, 2011 · 3 comments

I don’t post a lot of savory recipes, but last night I tried one that’s been on my list for about, oh, 5 years. I needed to use up some Wine of the Month Club Pinot Grigio and this recipe was just perfect and very tasty. Unfortunately, the picture I took was awful — really, just very bad, so you’ll have to imagine a chicken breast (perfectly cooked, of course) with a white sauce and chunks for green onion and rosemary here and there. I served it with wild rice and green vegetables. This recipe is easy enough for a novice cook, but it helps to know that most of the grocery store chicken breasts aren’t 4 oz each. If you buy the “usual” ones rather than the air-chilled or organic, they can be about 8 oz each. When I’m using the large ones, I just cut them horizontally so I have two big pieces that are about 3 1/2 to 4 oz each.


Published on January 4, 2011